Saturn Walks With Copper Feet; Happiness Will Knock Doors To These Zodiacs!

We already know Saturn has transited in Aquarius on January 17, 2023, at 05.04 pm. We also discussed the positive and negative consequences of this transit on all twelve zodiac signs. However, in this special blog by AstroSage, we will tell you which three zodiac signs will have Shani Dev (Saturn) walking with copper feet. Also, how will the people who were born under these three zodiac signs get auspicious or inauspicious results from Saturn’s speed? So let’s get this blog going.

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Saturn transit in its own sign Aquarius after 30 years, resulted in its rebirth. Aquarius, the sign owned by Saturn, is a peculiar sign, and through this blog, we will know what kind of feet is Saturn using to move in your horoscope. It is believed that whenever the planet Saturn transits into a zodiac sign, it travels through different feet. Hence, before we jump into the depths of this blog, let us learn what are the Shani Payas, or the Feet of Saturn, and their types.

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The Feet Of Saturn & Its Types

The house in which the planet Saturn transits from a person’s birth sign is known as the feet of Saturn in astrology. However, the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of the fruits gathered from Saturn’s feet is evaluated according to the person’s birth sign. There are four sorts of Shani Dev’s feet described in Vedic astrology: gold, silver, copper, and iron. 

When Saturn transits in the 3rd, 7th, or 10th house from the birth sign, it is called Tamrapad or copper feet of Saturn. Its movement with copper feet is regarded as extremely fortunate and beneficial.

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Copper Feet Of Saturn Will Benefit These Zodiac Signs


For the natives of Sagittarius, Saturn has transited into Aquarius in your third house, on silver feet. The Sade Sati of Saturn has ended for you and Saturn is moving on a copper base in the horoscope of Sagittarius. Hence, you will receive the result of your hard work and witness an increase in your courage and income as well. You will get success in every task you perform. This is a great time to buy property and vehicles for the Sagittarians. Employed people may get some new responsibilities at work.


For the natives of Leo, Saturn transited into the seventh house of your horoscope with copper feet. You will have your partner’s full support at all times, and individuals whose businesses are tied to foreign nations are expected to generate good profits. Those that operate in partnership, on the other hand, are likely to achieve monetary advantages, along with gains from previous investments. Single folks of this zodiac can get a new marriage proposal.


For the people of Taurus, Saturn has transited into your tenth house on copper feet, which is a very strong placement in your horoscope. This transit of Saturn will create Shash Raj Yoga. You are about to witness great success in your career and your hard work will pay off. There will be sudden prospects of income and you will receive the money that was stuck somewhere soon as well. Taurus natives who own a business may expand it during this transit and employed folks will receive a promotion very soon!

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