Saturn Transit After 30 Years; Lucky Time for 3 Zodiacs

Saturn Transit In Aquarius: Vedic astrology and scripture say that planets do not stay in one place for longer times and move to different horoscopes & houses. Some take longer time but surely move to a different position after a certain period, affecting the lives of all zodiacs. The transit of planets is very crucial in astrology as it leads to the creation of multiple auspicious and inauspicious yogas.  

Vital Fact: Saturn has transited to Aquarius forming Shash Mahapurush Rajayoga! The effects can be felt across all zodiacs, but it brings good fortune to three of them. It also results in financial gains and profits.

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The Significance of Shash Mahapurush Rajayoga

Shash Mahapurush Rajyoga is one of the five Maha Yogas and was formed due to the transit of Saturn in Aquarius. It brings good times for a few zodiacs and there will be high chances of prosperity. Aquarius is the trine sign of Saturn. The possibility or chances of winning a big lottery prize are high if there is Raja Yoga of Saturn in one’s horoscope. Luck will favor the specific type of zodiac and people will get richer during the period.

There is the presence of five planets namely Mars, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in one’s horoscope. The Maha Yogas related to the planets are – Ruchaka Yoga of Mars, Bhadra Yoga of Mercury, Hans Yoga of Jupiter, Malavya Yoga of Venus, and Shash Yoga of Saturn.

The person gets the benefits of Shash Rajyoga if Shani is positioned or sitting in Aquarius in your Kundli. The chances of recovery from health troubles are also high in the Shash Rajyoga. It prolongs the life of a person and they’re able to take the right steps for their businesses. Currently, the Saturn transit in Aquarius makes the time auspicious for different zodiacs and the people belonging to it. If the person is in politics, then they’re destined to reach top positions in their fields.

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List of Zodiacs Benefiting From Saturn Transit in Aquarius


The formation of Shash Mahapurush Rajyoga can be very beneficial for the Libra natives. It is because of Saturn roaming around the fifth house in the horoscope. People will get fruitful results in their business and the time is perfect to make smart business deals. There will be peace and stability in your family. For working professionals, the chances of growth are bright due to the Rajayoga. Your relationship will also get strength in the period and the fitting time to get rid of troubles.


The time is auspicious for the Aquarius zodiac natives as Saturn transits in the same horoscope. The confidence of people will remain at the top and also complete tasks confidently. The positive view of the zodiac people during the Rajayoga will ensure the completion of different tasks timely. There will be monetary benefits due to the Rajayoga and also take the career in a comfortable position. You’ll get the opportunity to connect with renowned people in the society. The family environment will remain happy and there will be love among the family members. The Rajayoga support the natives with luck for the completion of tasks within the timeline.


The formation of Shash Mahapurush Rajayoga will be very beneficial for Taurus natives. As Saturn is roaming around the tenth house in your horoscope and thus there are chances of promotions for individuals due to it. He is also the lord of the ninth house and thus the success rate in businesses will be high. The natives will feel interested in religious and social tasks and people will take part in favorable events due to it. The family bond also gets stronger during the period and people will gain popularity in their surroundings.

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