Saturn Transit 2024 Spells Trouble For 6 Zodiacs In Health Domain!

Saturn Transit 2024: Health is one of the vital aspects of people’s lives, whether it is a newborn, a child, a young person, or an elderly person. Good and better health is vital for everyone. Mostly, health matters are associated with elderly people but it shouldn’t be considered a fully correct statement. Today, there is a lot of pressure on individuals to work and perform well to get the best results in life. This results in a hectic lifestyle of individuals and in such an environment, people can fall ill. The health of not only the younger & elderly but the newborn babies are affected due to it. As per Vedic Astrology, every planet can affect the health of individuals and can result in any major or minor illness. All this is based on the position, location, and transit of planets in specific houses.

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In a similar sequence, Saturn is going to transit in 2024. This AstroSage blog contains accurate information about ups and downs in the health of natives due to Saturn Transit 2024 and the zodiac signs affected by it. During this period, there are chances of illness for some signs and thus without any delay, let us move ahead and look into the details. 

Saturn Transit 2024: Health Of These Zodiacs Will Be Affected By It 


From the health point of view, there will be different health troubles for the Aries natives due to Saturn Transit 2024. The effects of Saturn’s transit may result in different complaints of laziness, lethargy, and headaches of natives, due to which they can get confused. During this period, you may face troubles like chronic disease and thus are advised to take care of yourself. Doing yoga and exercise regularly will keep your health safe and carelessness can cost you dearly. In such a situation, the natives need to pay attention to their drinking and eating habits. 

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis. 

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The Cancer natives need to take special care of their health as Saturn Transit 2024 will result in leg pain or some kind of nerve troubles. You can also suffer from cold issues. In such conditions, the natives need to keep themselves at the right temperature in this timeline, or else the Cancer natives may seriously fall ill this year. 

Remedy: Feed grains, water, or fodder to birds, fishes, and animals. 


Saturn in the Scorpio sign is the lord of the third and fourth house and the transit will take place in the fourth house. For the Scorpio sign, Saturn is considered an average influencer. The presence of Saturn in the fourth house can result in problems like leg and back pain for the natives. In Saturn Transit 2024, the happiness can decrease majorly and the natives will be afraid of different health troubles. The Cancer natives are advised to avoid alcohol consumption and bad food habits to maintain health during this period. You are also suggested to eat home-cooked food and try to include different green vegetables & coconut in the diet as it will help to keep the body cool. 

Remedy: Every Saturday, visit a Shani temple and mix black sesame seeds in a lamp to burn them there. 

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The Capricorn natives may face health troubles like eye & tooth pain during this transit. During this period, many people might need to wear glasses to fix their weaker vision. In such a situation, the natives are advised to take proper care of their eye health with sunglasses and also use cold water to clean them regularly. Apart from this, natives with teeth troubles might need to pull out or fit new teeth during Saturn Transit 2024. 

Remedy: Every Saturday, the Saturn natives need to recite Shani Stotra. 


Saturn will be positioned in the first house and the Aquarius natives can experience health-related troubles & laziness. Along with it, the self-confidence of natives will decrease. There can also be complaints of eye and tooth pain due to Saturn Transit 2024. As per the positioning of Saturn planet, after the month of May, there are chances of health deterioration and comfort level of individuals. In such a situation, the natives will be afraid of leg and waist pain along with stress. There are high chances of increased health spending. 

Remedy: Chant the Shani Mantras. 

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The Saturn is going to transit in the twelfth house for the Pisces natives. As a result, people might face different health related concerns in the year 2024. Saturn Transit 2024 results in a lack of sleep like insomnia. However, in such a situation, one can overcome health troubles by organizing the sleep patterns in the correct way. Other than that, natives can face complaints of leg pain. You can be troubled with minor injuries or health troubles due to which one might need to visit a hospital or the doctor’s clinic on a frequent basis. 

Remedy: Near the Peepal tree, light a mustard oil lamp. 

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