Saturn Transit 2023: Formation Of Shash Mahapurush Yoga Will Bless 5 Zodiacs!

Saturn Transit 2023: The Saturn Transit impacts all the 12 zodiac signs. It serves justice in accordance with your past and present Karma. It penalizes bad Karma and rewards good Karma. According to its position and degree in a separate constellation, the Saturn Transit 2023 has an effect on all the zodiac signs as well as its natives. Before making future plans, one should understand how it affects the zodiac. 

When Saturn is retrograde, the positive or negative effects it has on any zodiac sign depend on how it is positioned in that horoscope. It implies that if Saturn is well situated, it is beneficial, but on the other hand, a malevolent Saturn might turn out to be detrimental. At the beginning of the year, Saturn will transit in Aquarius after 30 years and this phenomenon will create a Maha Yoga which is going to benefit the five zodiac signs. So let’s know about these lucky zodiac signs but before moving ahead we will discuss the date and time of this auspicious transit happening in 2023.

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Saturn Transit 2023: Time, Date & Auspicious Yoga

Saturn Transit 2023: The Saturn transit of 2023 will occur on January 17, 2023, moving from Capricorn to Aquarius. If we talk about the timing, it will happen on January 17, 2023, at 5:04 p.m. 

Furthermore, this Saturn Transit is taking place after 30 years and it is going to form a Yoga in the New Year 2023 i.e. Shash Mahapurush Yoga. Do you know?  Shash Mahapurush Yoga is one of the Maha Yogas! This Maha Yoga will change the life of the five zodiac signs so, let’s find out which zodiac signs will profit from it.

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Saturn Transit 2023: List Of 5 Lucky Zodiac Signs

Read the list of five zodiac signs who are going to enjoy the benefits from the Maha Yoga formed by the Saturn Transit In Aquarius after 30 years: 


Aries natives will see this Saturn transit in their eleventh house in 2023. The Aries natives will flourish and have better luck as a result of this auspicious transit. Along with this, these people will progress professionally regardless of whether they do a job or own a firm. Their income will increase as a result of this Maha Yoga, and they will become financially secure.

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The tenth house of Taurus natives will experience advancement and success at work as a result of this Saturn transit. Saturn, the planet of Karma is the ruler of ninth and tenth houses of Taurus zodiac signs. With this transit, your fortune or fate will turn out to be on your side, and you’ll be able to do all the duties that have been put on hold during this time. In addition, Taurus natives will benefit greatly from this transit, which will bring them massive wealth and a satisfying life.


Virgo natives will be particularly impacted by the creation of Shash Yoga with the Saturn transit. When the Saturn Transit occurs in their sixth house in 2023, all of their enemies will be vanquished and destroyed. Also, if you are bothered by any illness then during this period you will be free from the health problems. Whatever you decide to do, it won’t be difficult for you to do because there won’t be any barriers in your way, and being able to do so will instill courage and bravery in you. In addition, all of your legal and court disputes will be resolved. You will also be successful in your business or career.

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Saturn Transit in Aquarius in 2023 will take place in the second house of the Capricorn natives. These natives will profit materially from the creation of Shash Yoga throughout this transit. You’ll be able to budget and control your expenditures. Because you will be able to earn more money and it will start to come in more frequently, you will also be able to save a lot of money. You should improve your ties with your family members by being more courteous and bringing greater harmony if you want to fully benefit from Saturn transit 2023.


Saturn will transit in Aquarius’ ascendant house during its transit in 2023 which will have a significant effect on the nature and fortune of the Aquarius natives. If any of you are troubled by an old sickness, now is the time to recover from it and resume living a healthy life. With your partner, you will live a loving and joyful life and have their full support in all the matters of your life. During this transit period, all conflicts involving ancestral property will be settled. Running a business in partnership will be very profitable for your company, which will lead to greater growth. 

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