Saturn Transit 2023: These 3 Zodiacs Will Reach New Heights In 2 Years

Saturn Transit 2023: Every planet enters a zodiac sign at specific intervals, according to astrology, whether it be a positive or negative sign. The planet’s transits, which can be advantageous or detrimental, have an impact on all zodiac signs. Planets never stay in one sign since they are continually moving. All of the planets, from the Sun to Ketu, have a separate zodiac change period. The pace at which the Moon changes signs is regarded as being the quickest. Only around two-quarter of a day’s worth of the zodiac is changed by the Moon. 

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On the other hand, the Sun spends around a month in each zodiac sign, followed by Mercury for 24 days and Venus for 23 days. Mars, for example, needs roughly 45 days. While Saturn and Jupiter take significantly longer to shift signs, Rahu and Ketu take about 18 months to transit. Because it changes signs in the zodiac once every two and a half years, Saturn is believed to be the planet with the slowest motion. Saturn has made a transit in its Mooltrikona zodiac sign, Aquarius, after 30 years. 

Let us tell you that on January 17, 2023, Saturn entered Aquarius and will stay there till 2025. All 12 zodiac signs will experience favorable and negative outcomes as a result for the next two and a half years, but Saturn will bestow extra favors on the other three signs. These people will prosper in the years leading up to 2025.

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Significance Of Saturn Planet In Astrology 

Astrology places a specific emphasis on the Saturn planet. It rules both Aquarius and Capricorn. While Aries is regarded as Saturn’s debilitated sign, Libra is Saturn’s exalted sign. It is a symbol for things like sin, sickness, fear, secrecy, old age, suffering, technology, iron, mineral oil, and workers, among other things.  

Since people have a bad impression of Saturn, whenever its name is taken they become frightened. However, Saturn actually bestows fruits on people in accordance with their acts, which is why it is known as the giver of Karma. A person might experience a lot of difficulties in life if their horoscopes contain an afflicted or unlucky Saturn. In addition to this, the individual may suffer an accident. You can be a hardworking individual if Saturn is in a prominent position in your horoscope. Aside from this, you will have an incredible ability to cope with tensions or different challenges in life.

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Saturn Will Make Wealthy To These Zodiacs Till  2025


Taurus people benefit greatly from Saturn’s transit in Aquarius. You will enjoy Saturn’s favor throughout this time until 2025. Shash Rajyoga is also formed as a result of Saturn’s transit in your sign, which will increase your prospects of getting promoted at work and for business success. There will be plenty of opportunities for business travel abroad, and going abroad will allow you to expand your work or business. 

Those involved with the media, the film business, and the arts and music will benefit greatly at this time. Your family will enjoy a nice family life, and your life partner will fully support you. You can arrange a date with your partner so that you can have good times and a strong relationship.

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The Gemini people will gain a lot from Saturn’s change of sign. By 2025, your profession will experience significant growth, and you will have the opportunity to make a sizable sum of money. If you are employed, you will have a good chance of being promoted at work and earning more money. Your superiors and coworkers will value your work. 

Those who are in business will be able to make the most money during this time. They can travel abroad for business purposes. You can receive good news from Saturn’s transit in your love life. If you’re married, your relationship with your spouse will improve because there will be less conflict. You’ll be able to communicate your true feelings to your significant other and realize your heart’s desire. 

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For persons in Libra, the Saturn transit will be quite fortunate. Shani Dhaiya was running on you, but it has come to an end now that Saturn is in Aquarius. Throughout this time, you will be liberated from all problems. Love affairs will prosper during this time. You might also be able to find love and get married. Your partner will be supportive and committed to you, and the two of you will work together to effectively carry out all of your duties. 

You will get along better with your maternal uncle’s family at this time. You will have the opportunity to advance in your career. This time period may bring you some unexpected financial advantages. You can succeed if you ask for a bank loan or other loan. Additionally, there is a possibility that you will receive a one-time payment or that you will recover some stuck funds.

Remedies To Boost Saturn Planet

  • You should observe a fast on at least 19 or 21 Saturdays if Saturn is in a weak position in your horoscope.
  • Additionally, on Saturdays, wear all black and recite the Shani Mantra. ‘oṃ prāṃ prīṃ prauṃ sa: śanaye nama:’।.
  • On every Saturday, by adding water, milk, sugar, black sesame and Gangajal in a copper pot, offer it in the root of the Peepal tree. By doing this, Saturn also gains strength.
  • Donate things made of iron, mustard oil, shoes, and blankets to strengthen Saturday.
  • People whose Saturn is weak should wear blue sapphire. However, for this, you must seek advice from a certified astrologer.
  • It is important to worship Shani Dev, Hanuman Ji, and Bholenath appropriately and recite their Mantras in order to strengthen Saturn’s position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where is Saturn transiting now?

Saturn entered Aquarius on 17 January 2023 and will remain there till March 2025.

Q2: Is Saturn in Aquarius or Pisces in 2023?

Saturn will remain in Aquarius in 2023.

Q3: How long is Saturn in transit?

Saturn remains in one zodiac for approximately 2.5 years.

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