Unlocking Freedom from Saturn Sade Sati and Dhaiyya This Sawan 2023!

Saturn Sade Sati: Sawan, the auspicious month, has begun on Tuesday in the year 2023. During this month, each day of the week holds a special significance similar to Monday. One such day is Saturday, as certain remedies can help alleviate the malefic effects of Saturn on this day. 

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It is important to note that currently, the final phase of Saturn Sade Sati is occurring in Capricorn, the second phase is in Aquarius, and the first phase is in Pisces. However, the Dhaiya of Saturn is affecting Cancer and Scorpio. Therefore, this Saturday of Sawan is particularly significant for individuals belonging to these zodiac signs.

It is believed that the remedies associated with Saturn are highly effective during the month of Sawan. This is because Sawan is considered the month of Lord Shiva, who is Saturn’s ruler. Therefore, worshiping Lord Shiva pleases Saturn. It is also believed that by worshiping both Lord Shiva and Saturn, one can receive their blessings and overcome Saturn-related problems during this month.

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Significance of Saturn Sade Sati

Saturn Sade Sati refers to the period when Saturn transits over the moon sign and the two adjacent signs. This phase lasts approximately seven and a half years, divided into three phases of two and a half years each. The Saturn Sade Sati is considered a crucial period in a person’s life and is believed to bring both challenges and opportunities for growth.

During this time, Saturn’s influence can bring about significant changes in various aspects of life. It tests our patience, endurance, and resilience. However, it is essential to remember that Sade Sati is not solely about hardships; it also presents us with valuable lessons and rewards for our efforts.

The impact of Saturn Sade Sati differs for each zodiac sign. For some, it can be a period of struggle, while for others, it can be a time of transformation and success. The positioning of Saturn in different houses of the natal chart determines the specific areas of life that will be affected.

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Remedies To Perform On This Saturday of Sawan 2023 

To appease Saturn and protect oneself from its negative influence during Sawan’s Saturday, there are specific remedies that can be followed. Let’s explore these remedies:

  • While worshiping Lord Shiva on Sawan’s Saturday, it is advised to wear deep blue-colored clothes, which are favored by Saturn. It is believed that this pleases Saturn and helps alleviate its negative effects.
  • Chanting the Shani Dev mantra using a Rudraksha mala is considered highly auspicious on Sawan’s Saturday. This practice is believed to mitigate Saturn’s malefic effects.
  • Lighting a lamp with mustard oil near a peepal tree on Sawan’s Saturday is believed to protect against Saturn’s ill effects. Along with lighting the lamp, circumambulating the peepal tree seven times is also considered significant on this day.
  • Adding water mixed with black sesame seeds to the water used for Jalabhishek (water offering) on the Shiva Linga on Sawan’s Saturday not only pleases Lord Shiva but also invites Saturn’s blessings upon the devotee.

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Incorporating these remedies into one’s practice on Sawan’s Saturday can help reduce the negative influence of Saturn and receive its grace. It is important to approach these remedies with faith, devotion, and a genuine intention to seek blessings and alleviate Saturn-related problems.

It is essential to remember that astrological remedies should not replace personal effort, self-improvement, and a positive mindset. By maintaining a disciplined and virtuous lifestyle, one can effectively navigate the challenges posed by Saturn and other celestial bodies.

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