Saturn Rise In Aquarius: Fantastic Time For These Zodiac Signs!

Saturn Rise In Aquarius: In Vedic astrology, Saturn or Shani has been given special importance. Saturn rises in Aquarius on 18 March 2024 and this will turn the luck of some zodiacs. The planet is believed to be a provider of karma and ensures justice for the relevant deeds. Saturn moves from one zodiac to another after two and a half years. The auspicious positioning of Saturn in the horoscope results in wealth and good outcomes in the lives of people. It instructs people to be disciplined and hard workers. 

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After 30 years Saturn rises in Aquarius zodiac and it creates an auspicious period for some signs. This special AstroSage blog highlights the kinds of benefits availed by the lucky natives due to Saturn’s rise. 

Saturn Rises In Aquarius – List Of Lucky Zodiacs Due To It 


The Saturn rise in Aquarius is very auspicious for the Aries natives. This will result in higher incomes and good investments in this period. In the Aries zodiac, Saturn will rise in the 11th house. It will open up new income sources and investment opportunities for the people. Take the right call on projects if you want to make good profits due to the Saturn rise. 

The employed natives will get the full support of their colleagues and seniors at the workplace. It will further result in promotions and salary hikes. The time is favorable for people involved in the stock market or looking to make money through the lottery. The health of Aries natives will remain intact due to Saturn’s rise and the related expenses will remain low. 

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For the Leo natives, this Saturn rise in Aquarius will prove very auspicious. If you have been waiting for the correct time to make relevant investments, then this is the best time to make huge money through investments. The Aries natives will get good opportunities to make profits across different investments. There are high chances of winning the pending court cases. Get victory over your enemies or competitors due to the Saturn rise. 

The unemployed people will have relevant job opportunities to join their dream job. It is also the best time for business persons to expand their operations and gain profits from it. The traders will be able to enhance their income levels and the overall economic condition of Aries natives will improve significantly. 

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The Saturn rise in Aquarius will provide great results to the Aquarius natives. Saturn is the lord of the zodiac sign and the blessing of Shani Dev improves the working capabilities of individuals. The Saturn rise results in a good position at the workplace along with the rise in salaries. It is the best time for the Aquarius natives to invest money across different sectors and earn good profits. 

Also, Saturn creates Shash Rajyoga in your zodiac sign and this will be the best opportunity to complete the pending tasks. This results in a rise in income and you will save money appropriately. The health of Aquarius natives will be enthusiastic and they will be able to complete varied tasks efficiently. 

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Q1. How to please Saturn or Shani Dev for auspicious results?

Ans. To get the blessing of Shani Dev, offer prayers to the Shani lord, chant relevant mantras, and donate items. 

Q2. How lucky is Saturn for Aquarius?

Ans. Saturn is proving very lucky for the Aquarius natives as it fills individuals with confidence and creativity. 

Q3. How will be the year 2024 for Aquarius?

Ans. The start of the year 2024 will be a little weak for the Aquarius zodiac and gradually, it will improve throughout the year. 

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