Saturn Rise In Aquarius 2023: Monetary Gush For These Favored Zodiacs!

Saturn Rise In Aquarius 2023: When the highly regarded planet Saturn, who is the giver of deeds according to Karma, and an epitome of discipline, combusted, all the zodiac signs of the zodiac cycle went through significant changes. Some natives of zodiac signs came across various health problems like mental and physical issues, and some went through stages of financial instability. But in the month of March, the harbinger of longevity and responsibility, the great planet Saturn will rise in Aquarius, the zodiac sign of eccentricity and reformation, and its effects will definitely fall on all the zodiac signs. 

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Out of all the planets in our Solar system, Saturn is the one that orbits at the slowest pace. In a single zodiac sign, Saturn stays for about two and a half years. Among other exalted qualities, Saturn also represents leadership, integrity, discipline, wisdom, and authority. The lordship of the zodiac sign of Aquarius is bestowed to Saturn; its ascendant zodiac sign is Libra, and the descendant zodiac sign is Aries.

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Saturn Rise In Aquarius 2023: Date & Time

Saturn will rise in Aquarius on 6th March 2023, at 11:36 pm, and was combusted in the same zodiac sign on 30th January 2023. So, let’s read further about those fortunate zodiac signs which are going to get fruitful blessings from Saturn rising in Aquarius!

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Saturn Rise In Aquarius 2023: Boon For Three Zodiacs


Good monetary gains will be received by the Taurus natives, with Saturn rising in Aquarius. The business natives will receive good profits in their ventures, and if you are planning to start a new business venture, then this time will be the best for you. 


With Saturn rising in Aquarius, the Leo natives will get beneficial and blessed outcomes. The Sun is the ruling lord of the zodiac sign of Leo, and we all know that Saturn and Sun share cordial relations. So, through this effect, the natives are bound to receive favorable outcomes from them. Your familial life will become better as well. 


The great planet Saturn was combusted in Aquarius and will rise in the same zodiac sign as well. The natives of Aquarius will get the most benefit from this, and they will also get new job opportunities. During this prosperous period, you will get the complete support of your partner, and unmarried natives will also come across marriage proposals! 

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