Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius Sign – Fortunate Time For These Zodiacs!

In Vedic astrology, there is special significance for planetary transits & movements. As the planet changes its zodiac sign or alters its position, it results in different auspicious & inauspicious results on all the 12 zodiac signs. 

Saturn is the slowest among all the planets and the Moon transits from one zodiac sign to another at the fastest speed. If we talk about Saturn, the planet takes around two and a half years to transit from one zodiac to another. However, the planets keep changing their position. 

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In Vedic astrology, Saturn or Shani Dev is the provider of justice and giver of positive results. It provides results to people as per deeds. Saturn has the ownership of two zodiac signs namely Capricorn and Aquarius. In the current situation, Saturn will be positioned in its zodiac sign Aquarius and in the year 2025, it will move out of the Aquarius sign and transits into Pisces. On 29 June 2024, Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius sign at 11:40 pm. The effects of Saturn retrograde can be seen in all the 12 zodiac signs. The natives of some zodiac signs will get positive results in this period. So, let us move ahead and check the lucky zodiac signs due to the Saturn retrograde. 

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Saturn Transit In Aquarius – List Of Lucky Zodiac Signs 


The retrograde Saturn will prove very portable for the Aries natives. Luck will favor the natives in this period and can complete all your pending tasks. The effort will be appreciated by the superiors at the workplace and thus can earn the prestige of all. Colleagues at the workplace can also ask for opinions about their tasks. They will be able to instill moral values in the family and it will make the home environment very pleasant. If we talk about your career, there are chances of earning extra money with hard work and can reach a comfortable position in life. The natives can also win the hearts of superiors with their work effort. 

During this period, people can make a lot of profit and can achieve success in their businesses. They will get good returns from their investments. It is also a favorable time to make investments or add property to the list. The natives can win the trust of their spouse and there will be harmony across relationships. They can express their feelings openly to their partners. From the health point of view, the time will prove very auspicious and they won’t face major health troubles. 

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Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will prove to be a boon for the Taurus natives. The troubles you’ve been facing at work can be resolved easily. You can fix different types of difficulties with ease. The efforts will pay off the right price and the natives can achieve a high level of satisfaction. They can win the trust & appreciation of superiors at work. Get the right level of respect at the workplace. Saturn retrograde will help you earn a lot of profit and it will make them very happy. The business persons can come in contact with you and they can get success from different deals. 

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Talking about the financial lives of Taurus people, they can earn good money in this period. They will be satisfied with the present situation. The natives living abroad will have the support of their luck and can earn a handsome amount of money. Additionally, they can save a lot of money. Their sharpness can result in foreign job appointments. During this period, they will get support for their luck. If we talk about health, they can maintain good health and thus will result in strong immunity levels. 

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The retrograde Saturn will result in promotions and salary rises for the Virgo natives. They can maintain good relationships with superiors at work. Also, they can enhance their skills in this period and will excel across respective fields. During this period, they can handle different tasks at one time and will be filled with self-confidence to complete tasks successfully. 

Their respect and honor will rise in professional life. The business persons will get a lot of benefits in this period. They get the chance to run a business successfully and the income level also increases. This strengthens the financial condition and stability of Virgo natives. They will behave sweetly and in a cordial way with their partners. 

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The Scorpio natives will get huge benefits in their lives due to retrograde Saturn. There are chances of good news from your child. The confidence of natives will increase and there will be different opportunities for financial gains. There will be better opportunities in your careers and business. The bank balance also increases in this period. The natives will be able to enhance their income levels and thus make relevant savings. They can earn money through trading and betting options. 

Saturn retrograde in the Aquarius zodiac will bring prosperity to the careers of Scorpio people. People can earn good benefits in this period due to their good efforts. Business persons can earn profits from various deals. During this period, the Scorpio natives will be successful in making new friends and thus establish high value in the relationship. The business persons can take their operations to the top level during this period and thus can earn desirable profits. The natives can enter into new business and there are chances of making profits with their performance. Their health will remain stable in this period and won’t face any major health concerns. But, they can be troubled with small health troubles. 

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Saturn retrograde in the Aquarius zodiac increases the energy levels of the Aquarius people. It will result in inspiration for natives to carry out different activities successfully. They will be filled with determination and confidence to make the right moves in work life. The natives will progress in their careers. They can make use of the opportunities to achieve their life goals. Get progress in your job due to Saturn retrograde and there are chances of promotions for them. It will lead to promotions and can also start a new business. Your leadership qualities will increase and your conversation style will impress others. They might get new business partners and can get appreciation at the workplace. It will be the best time to display your abilities correctly and also face some challenges from a special person in your job. 

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If we talk about the financial life of Aquarius natives, they can make vital decisions related to money based on their intelligence. Their determination at the workplace will bring prosperity and success to the lives of people. They can manage their finances better and will be filled with confidence to come out of their financial troubles successfully. The natives will feel energetic to take part in different projects. Your health will remain good during this period and thus they need to follow a routine to maintain the level of enthusiasm. 

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Q1. What is the timing of Saturn retrograde?

Ans. Saturn will retrograde in Aquarius on 29 June 2024, at 11:40 pm.

Q2. How long will the period of Saturn retrograde?

Ans. Saturn will stay in the retrograde position till 15 November 2024. 

Q3. What happens in the case of Saturn retrograde?

Ans. The Saturn retrograde provides suitable results as its placement and house.

Q4. How to please planet Saturn?

Ans. To please Saturn, light a lamp using sesame or mustard oil.

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