Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius (5 June, 2022): Impact On 12 Zodiac Signs!

Saturn is the task master and a karmic planet. In this blog, we are giving a curtain raiser about Saturn, which is going to become retrograde on June 5, 2022, Sunday, at 4.14 AM. 

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Saturn Retro in Aquarius

Aquarius is a sign owned by Saturn and it is the eleventh sign of the natural zodiac. Here, Saturn is going to be retrograde in its own sign. When any planet is traveling in its own sign then it is deemed to confer excellent output, but in a gradual manner. But when it is retro, there may be a backlog in getting smooth results. When Saturn is retrograde motion, obstacles in career progress and also a sense of lethargicness may be possible. Money gains may take a backseat and expenses will be on the high side. During the retrograde of Saturn, there may be changes in career in an unexpected manner. Those who are doing business may be able to secure moderate profits during this transit.

Further the native gets positive or negative results depending upon the position of Saturn in his/her horoscope. 

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Impact of Saturn Retrograde on Natives

  • Natives will be able to flourish well in doing business related to mines and oils.
  • Due to this retrograde, increased money flow and accumulation of money may be possible in a gradual manner.
  • Natives who are doing research may be able to score well during this retro motion. 
  • Developing more interest in old traditional matters and enhancing the same may be possible. 
  • Natives during this retrograde may be able to gain support from siblings.
  • Childrens support may be present for these natives.
  • Natives may possess more principles and maintain moral values during this period.

Impact Of Saturn Retrograde On India-World

  • There will be moderate chances of high prosperity globally due to the policies and relationship between India and the world.
  • Globally, the scenario related to business may develop gradually in India and the world.
  • Relationships between India and neighboring countries like China may not be good.
  • Money flow may not be so high and at the same time may not be too low globally.
  • A certain sense of uncertainty may be existing globally during this transit.

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Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius: Favorable-Unfavorable for Which Signs?


Sagittarius- Natives belonging to this sign may be able to shine well due to self development. Gains via travel with respect to career may be possible. Major decision making like new investments may be effective during this transit. Several new job chances may be possible for these natives this time. Resources may be available in the form of money in plenty for these natives and due to this, scope for saving a good amount of money may be possible.

Aries- Fulfilling the goals may be possible for these natives during this retrograde motion. Gaining support from children and their development may be giving cheer for these natives. This movement may give ample career opportunities and a good name for the natives. Those who are doing business may get a chance to begin new business ventures and thereby gain good profits.

Virgo– Natives may be able to gain well via speculation during this retrograde motion. This time is a successful one for taking efforts. Efforts in the sense related to career and building up a strong reputation may be easily possible for these natives. There may be fine chances to earn via inheritance during this period. On the other side, natives may need to take care of their health as there may be chances for leg pain and back pain.


Cancer- Natives may be facing obstacles with the efforts that they are going to take in their endeavors. More expenses may be possible for these natives during this course of retrograde motion. A sense of insecure feelings may be possible which may be a constraint for these natives. They need to focus more on the relationship part and build up understanding to maintain happiness during this time. Some adjustment is essential to ensure harmony. Health care is also needed for these natives during this period

Pisces- Natives belonging to this sign may be facing shortage of money due to increasing expenses which may be possible for them. Also chances for less prosperity may be present in career and expectations with respect to promotion and such things may not be easily possible for these natives. A situation of dullness may prevail.

Scorpio- Natives belonging to this sign may face obstacles in development out of their own self efforts that they are taking. More important thing is that they need to take care of their health as they may be facing pain in their legs and stress during this retrograde motion. Domestic issues in the family may be prevailing.

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Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of Saturn During this Period

  • Chant “Om Mandaya Namah” daily 44 times.
  • Do Havan for Saturn on Saturday.
  • Donate food to handicapped people on Saturday.
  • Chant  ‘Om praam preem praum sah shanayishraya namah’ daily.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman daily.

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