Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius To Steer Endless Profits For 4 Zodiacs!

Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius: The beneficial planet Saturn is known as the judge of the Kalyug i.e. the Dark Ages and it prominently affects the life of every person. Many people shiver when they hear the name of Saturn but this planet gives outcomes according to the deeds committed by the person. If Saturn is happy with the native then it can transform the life of the said native drastically. Saturn is slow-moving albeit the slowest among the planets. The “Chief Governor for longevity” Saturn takes two and a half years to transit from one zodiac sign to another. 

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Now, Saturn is changing its motion and will come into a retrograde state and this celestial motion will definitely put its impact on all 12 zodiac signs. For some natives Saturn’s retrograde motion will bring in positive effects but for some it will bring negative and challenging effects. So, through this blog, we will inform you about the pertinent details related to Saturn’s retrograde motion!

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Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius: Date & Time

The planet of discipline and restriction, Saturn will come into retrograde state in the zodiac sign of reformation and eccentricity, Aquarius on 17th June 2023 at 10:48 pm. The effect of retrograde motion of Saturn depends on the house in which this planet is situated in your horoscope. However, this retrograde movement of Saturn is going to be auspicious and highly beneficial for four zodiac signs. So, without waiting any further let’s read about those blessed zodiac signs!

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Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius: Monetary Gush For 4 Zodiacs!


Saturn’s retrograde movement will take place in your seventh house, Leo natives. Due to its effects, your means to earn immensely will increase. If your work is stuck for a long time due to any reason, then during this period it will get completed. You will be able to progress quickly and business natives will receive new opportunities. These opportunities will be better and will bring financial gains for you as well. Students natives who are preparing for competitive examinations will also receive great outcomes during this period. You will attain success with this incredible planetary movement!


The retrograde movement of Saturn will bring the Sagittarius natives uncertain benefits. During this period, you will get various benefits and many significant tasks will be completed. Working natives will receive complete support from their colleagues and they will also receive recognition for their hard work. For students, Saturn’s retrograde movement will bring favorable results. 

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Saturn’s retrograde movement will take place in your second house and with this the financial position of Capricorn natives will get strengthened. If you are thinking of selling property, then this period will be very good for that. The familial lives of Capricorn natives will come across positive changes and the atmosphere will be harmonious. 


For Pisces natives, Saturn’s retrograde motion will happen in their twelfth house. You will get the opportunity to travel overseas, and your business will grow as a result of this motion. You will be successful in attaining progress. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: What is Aquarius power colour?

The power colours of the eccentric natives of Aquarius are blue and black.

Q2: What is the Sanskrit name for Aquarius?

Sanskrit, a revered and an ancient language, refers to Aquarius as Kumbha. 

Q3: What planet rules Aquarius?

The great planet Saturn holds the lordship over the zodiac sign of Aquarius. 

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We hope that this Saturn retrograde in Aquarius brings prosperity and peace to all your lives; thank you for visiting AstroSage!


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