Retrograde Saturn Forms Kendra Trikona Yoga: Beneficial To 3 Zodiacs!

Kendra Trikona Yoga 2023: Saturn has been referred to as the giver of Karma in Vedic astrology, which bestows good or terrible outcomes on a person depending on their deeds. Every time Saturn’s zodiac sign or position changes in this cycle, it particularly influences various facets of human existence, and right now Saturn is about to go retrograde in Aquarius. Given this circumstance, Saturn’s retrograde motion will produce a very auspicious Yoga. 

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In astrology, various Yogas have been described, and in today’s blog, we’ll discuss one particular Yoga that will result from Saturn’s retrograde motion. Kendra Trikona Yoga, which will be incredibly advantageous for the three zodiac signs, will soon be formed by Saturn’s retrograde motion. So let’s find out more about those three lucky zodiac signs. 

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Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius: Date And Time

Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius will occur on  17 June, 2023 at 10:48 pm.

Kendra Trikona Rajyoga Favorable To 3 Zodiacs 


For Taurus people, Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius will be advantageous. You will experience benefits in life during this time as a result of Kendra Trikona Yoga. It would be ideal for you to invest during this time and purchase your first house. If you work hard, there is a good probability that you will be promoted and that your salary will rise. In addition to this, you can be given new duties at work. 

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The ninth house of your horoscope will see the formation of Kendra Trikona Yoga. The Gemini individuals will have complete luck backing them up during this. Furthermore, you might have the chance to travel over long distances, which will be advantageous for you. This period will yield a lot of fruit for you if you are engaged in any form of investigation. People who are preparing for competitive exams, on the other hand, will perform well. You have a great chance of doing this while applying for jobs, too.


The effects of Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius will be quite favorable for Leo natives. Saturn rules the sixth house in your horoscope, thus those born under its influence will prevail in legal proceedings. In addition, you will benefit from this time’s financial luck and be able to obtain funds from a variety of sources. Your strength and self-assurance will also grow. You will gain significant financial advantages at this time, which will be advantageous for business people. During this period, you will gain respect in society. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is Kendra Trikona Yoga?

Ans. A person gets wealth, property, success, joy, luxury, and a positive outlook.

Q.2  Which Yoga is the king of Yoga?

Ans. Rajyoga is the king of Yoga.

Q.3 Which house is Kendra?

Ans. The first, fourth, seventh, and twelfth house are Kendra.

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