Saturn Retrograde On 23 May: What’s In Store For All Zodiac Signs?

In Vedic Astrology, the planet Saturn has been termed as the Karmaphal Data or the Justice. This 2021, the planet of justice Saturn is going to become retrograde in Capricorn on 23rd May, Sunday and will remain in this state till 11th October 2021. Let us go ahead and know how this unusual movement of Saturn will turn out for the natives of twelve zodiac signs. The predictions are evaluated and delivered by our esteemed astrologer Acharya Mrunal, with whom you can connect on-call/chat to know more about this planetary event.

Let us move ahead and read the impact of this retrograde on the lives of natives of all twelve signs.


  • Family– With Saturn Retrograde In Capricorn, the family environment will be normal for Aries natives. However, try not to overthink and argue with parents or family members. 
  • Wealth– There might be an increase in wealth and simultaneous expenditure as Saturn would be in the tenth house.
  • Health– The health of Aries natives will be average, however, try not overeating. People who smoke or drink try not to overdo it, as it might result in future impacts on health. 
  • Remedy- Chant Hanuman Chalisa once a week. 


  • Family- Family life will be good, sudden travels might be expected. 
  • Wealth- You will become financially stronger, income might increase, with new opportunities coming soon. 
  • Health- You are advised to take care of elderly people at home. 
  • Remedy- Keep Maha Laxmi yantra with you, and listen to Shree Stotram every day. 


  • Family- Family life will be good. You will need to remain calm and composed during this time. Avoid creating any kind of differences with friends. Use your words carefully. 
  • Wealth- This will be an average period in the case of finance. 
  • Health- Try not to meet or going to a big gathering. 
  • Remedy- Eat jaggery with ghee before doing any work. Tie a black thread on your left leg ankle. 

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  • Family– Family life will be average. Try to enjoy your free time. Respect your spouse. 
  • Wealth- People working with foreign-based companies can get good news. Avoid getting involved in legal battles or cases. 
  • Health– Health will be good only if you avoid unnecessary overthinking and anxiety. 
  • Remedy– Wear a pearl ring on the right-hand small finger. You can also listen to some soothing music as well.


  • Family- Some good news might come for you, but take marriage or any proposal-related decision carefully, and don’t tend to hurry in conclusion.
  • Wealth– Don’t invest in a hurry, think wisely before making any investment. Avoid giving importance to people who try to defame you. 
  • Health– Health will be above average. Try to control your anxiety and stress levels as well as diet as Saturn will be in the sixth house.
  • Remedy- Avoid getting involved with unnecessary people. Also, listen to Aditya Hridya Stotram. 


  • Family– Take care of small children during this time, and respect elderly people at home. 
  • Wealth– Financial situations will be average. You will come across an opportunity to open a new venture, or a new opportunity might open up at the office. 
  • Health– Try to take a good amount of sleep, eat healthily. Avoid stress.
  • Remedy– Drink water in a green or blue water bottle. Recite and listen to Laxmi Stotram. 


  • Family– Your spiritual aspect might increase. You should respect elderly people, and give enough time to your spouse.
  • Wealth– Avoid taking a harsh decision at the workplace, and respect your seniors and colleagues. 
  • Health– Stomach-related issues might come up. Eat light food and avoid smoking and drinking. 
  • Remedy– Avoid smoking and drinking. Be careful in making any decision.

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  • Family– Avoid getting into disputes with family members, especially siblings or cousins. 
  • Wealth- Avoid over speculation and keep your savings aside. 
  • Health– Take care of elderly people at family, and seek doctor consultation before you suggest any medication. 
  • Remedy– Don’t overdo things. Avoid arguing with people who have half-baked knowledge. Keep a pyrite stone at the workplace. 


  • Family– As Shani Sade Sati is going in the last phase, you are advised not to take harsh familial decisions. Enjoy the moments with family members. Respect elders. 
  • Wealth– Don’t carry out unnecessary expenditure as Saturn will retrograde in your second house. So spend wisely.
  • Health– Take proper rest and don’t do anything which might affect your health. 
  • Remedy- Wear a Raksha thread on your right hand. Go to Shani mandir every Saturday. 


The natives of Capricorn are undergoing the mid-phase of Shani Sade Sati. As a result:

  • Family– Family life will be average, and spend time with loved ones. 
  • Wealth– Avoid speculation and keep your savings in handy. 
  • Health– You might feel low during this time. Avoid taking the stress and be calm and composed. Also, avoid smoking and drinking. 
  • Remedy– Eat properly. Visit Shani mandir every Saturday and feed dogs daily. 

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Shani Sade Sati is just beginning for Aquarius natives, and Saturn will retrograde in the 12th house. 

  • Family– Respect the decision of family members, and try not overdoing things that might deliver unfavorable outcomes in the future. 
  • Wealth– Don’t do unnecessary investment, avoid speculation, and respect your business partners.
  • Health– Take care of health, drink warm lukewarm water every day, and do excercise daily. 
  • Remedy- Drink lukewarm water every morning. Go to Shani mandir every Saturday or listen to Shani Chalisa. Also, give food and support to people who require it. 


Family– You will spend a good time with your family, enjoy that. During this period, you will meet an old friend and get support from him/her.

Wealth– There can be sudden income gain. Financial earnings might grow, therefore plan your work properly.

Health– Carry out proper exercise, and take care of the health of the family members. 

Remedy- Respect people around you. Tie a red thread on your left hand. 

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