Saturn Retrograde: Challenging Phase of Sade Sati-Dhaiya Begins for These Zodiacs!

Whenever the name of Saturn is mentioned, people often become worried. In Vedic astrology, Saturn is considered a malefic planet as it brings an end to the good times and marks the beginning of challenging periods, such as Sade Sati or Dhaiya, for individuals. 

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However, Saturn, also known as Shani Dev, is the bestower of karmic results and the lord of justice, providing both favorable and unfavorable outcomes based on one’s actions. Saturn’s movement is the slowest among all the planets, which means its influence lasts for an extended period. Currently, Saturn is retrograde in the Aquarius sign. Its retrograde motion will continue for a few more days, causing the unfavorable effects of Sade Sati and Dhaiya for certain zodiac signs. During this time, individuals belonging to some specific signs need to remain more cautious. Let’s find out which signs are affected.

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These Zodiacs Must Be Cautious! 

Zodiac Signs Affected by Sade Sati:

The most challenging phase of Sade Sati has commenced for Pisces individuals as Saturn had turned retrograde on June 17 while being in the Aquarius sign. The second and third phases of Sade Sati are currently affecting individuals born under the Aquarius and Capricorn signs, respectively. Therefore, individuals from these signs need to be extra cautious for the next few days. There is a continuous possibility of facing losses, so it is crucial to consider all aspects before making any decisions. Pay special attention to financial matters and health-related issues during this period.

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Influence of Dhaiya:

The retrograde motion of Saturn also affects individuals born under the Cancer and Scorpio signs due to the Dhaiya phase. These signs will experience limited support from destiny, leading to a higher chance of failure in various endeavors. During this time, it is important to remain patient and be prepared for setbacks. It is noteworthy that Saturn is in the eighth house of Cancer individuals’ birth charts, while it resides in the fourth house of Scorpio individuals. Students must focus more on their preparations; otherwise, they might experience disappointment. Additionally, there could be concerns regarding maternal health.

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