Saturn-Rahu Conjunction: Next 7 Days Will Be Tough For 3 Zodiacs

Saturn-Rahu Conjunction: There is special importance to Saturn & Rahu planet in Vedic astrology and Saturn-Rahu conjunction makes the time troubling for the zodiacs. Saturn is the factor of hard work and discipline in life. But, many are also cautious about the strong influence of the planet across the lives of different horoscopes. Whereas, Rahu is the factor for mischief, obsession, dissatisfaction, fear, and material gains. Both Saturn and Rahu are considered as slow planets and their conjunction means trouble for different zodiacs. The Saturn-Rahu conjunction will create Pishash Yoga that can bring trouble in the lives of natives. This blog contains the relevant details related to the Saturn-Rahu conjunction and the list of 3 zodiacs that need to be careful in the period. 

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Date Related Saturn-Rahu Conjunction 

On 15 March, Saturn entered Shatabhisha Nakshatra and will remain in the same place till 17 October 2023. Rahu is the lord of the Shatabhisha Nakshatra and the Saturn-Rahu conjunction has been creating trouble zodiacs for a few months now. The coming together of Saturn and Rahu is creating Pishash Yoga in October and the coming 7 days will be difficult for a few zodiacs mentioned below. 

3 Unlucky Zodiacs That Should Be Careful Due To Saturn-Rahu Conjunction 


The Saturn-Rahu conjunction brings troubled times for the Cancer zodiacs in the coming 7 days and the natives need to be careful in the period. It will be very troubling for the Cancer zodiac to face the tough time and will possess a confusing mindset. They might face troubles in their careers and stay careful in changing their job position or profile. The businessmen need to avoid making any new deals in the period and take special care in the expansion of business operations. The decisions related to professional life can prove to be fatal for your career and thus make the right moves after careful thinking about the topics. 

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For the Virgo people, it will be a tough time period to start new activities or join a new job in your professional career. The Saturn-Rahu conjunction will result in inauspicious outcomes across the personal and professional lives of natives. The time till 17 October will be very tough for the natives and they should avoid any type of new deal or commitment as the chances of failure are very prominent. Stay aware of your attitude or behavior against others in the period and your reputation might be at stake. The Virgo people can also face troubles with their economic life and thus need to be cautioned with the relevant investment tasks. 


The Saturn-Rahu conjunction will bring tough times for the Aquarius people and their lives can take a negative turn across different sectors. There might be mental troubles in the period and thus marks the rise of stress & tension. It is also advisable to avoid travel during this period as it can prove unproductive for individuals. Your business expansion plans can also fail for the Aquarius people if they’re not making informed decisions. The Aquarius people will also experience a loss of funds and investments in the timeline. Also, the health of natives can be in trouble, and thus take relevant care of your health. 

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Q1. What are the positive results of the Saturn-Rahu conjunction?

Ans. It can result in the rise of ambition in life for the specific zodiacs and the chances of success also increase. 

Q2. In which zodiac Rahu will be in a strong position?

Ans. The positioning of Rahu in the Mercury sign will prove to be powerful and it is also stronger in the Virgo sign. 

Q3. Which planets show powerful outcomes in conjunction?

Ans. The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus will prove to be very powerful for the natives and thus change the lives of lucky signs. 

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