Saturn-Rahu Conjunction: Unfavorable Until Oct 17 For These Zodiacs!

Saturn-Rahu Conjunction: In Vedic astrology, both Saturn and Rahu are considered highly significant celestial bodies. Changes in their movements affect everyone born under different zodiac signs. Saturn is the slowest-moving planet, while Rahu always moves in retrograde motion. When Saturn and Rahu transit through other zodiac signs or nakshatras (constellations), their impact on individuals is profound.

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Currently, Saturn is in the Aquarius sign, while Rahu is about to change its sign. Saturn is currently transiting through the Shatabhisha nakshatra, where it will stay until October 17. This creates an unfavorable conjunction between Saturn and Rahu. It is important to note that Rahu is the ruler of Shatabhisha nakshatra, making this period particularly challenging for certain zodiac signs. Let’s find out which signs will likely be affected by this Saturn-Rahu conjunction.

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Saturn & Rahu As Per Vedic Astrology

Saturn, an influential planet in Vedic astrology, holds significant sway over our lives. Known as “Shani” in Sanskrit, it is often considered a karmic taskmaster, symbolizing discipline, responsibility, and life lessons. Saturn’s slow movement signifies patience and perseverance, teaching us the value of hard work and endurance. 

In Vedic astrology, Saturn’s positioning in one’s birth chart determines its influence. A well-placed Saturn rewards stability, success, and maturity, while an afflicted Saturn may lead to delays, obstacles, and challenges. Its “Sade Sati” phase, occurring every 29.5 years, is believed to test us through various trials.

On the other hand, Rahu, a shadowy planet in Vedic astrology, holds a unique and mysterious influence over our destinies. Known as the “North Node” in Western astrology, Rahu is associated with desires, ambitions, and material cravings. Its positioning in our birth charts indicates our deepest longings and the areas where we seek growth and fulfillment.

Rahu’s nature is insatiable, driving us to pursue our aspirations relentlessly. However, its effects can be unpredictable and volatile, often leading to sudden changes and unexpected events. When Rahu is well-placed, it can bestow worldly success and prosperity, but an afflicted Rahu may lead to deception, confusion, and emotional turmoil.

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What Is Shatbhisha Nakshatra?

Shatabhisha, a revered nakshatra in Vedic astrology, holds immense significance and is symbolized by the “100 healers” or “100 physicians.” Spanning from 6°40′ to 20°00′ in the sign of Aquarius, this nakshatra is governed by the planet Rahu. The ruling deity of Shatabhisha is Varuna, the god of cosmic waters, representing healing and purification. This nakshatra’s essence is one of rejuvenation and transformation, encouraging us to seek inner harmony and spiritual growth.

People born under Shatabhisha Nakshatra are often compassionate, inventive, and have a deep sense of curiosity. They possess a natural inclination towards healing others and find solace in nurturing those in need. However, this nakshatra can also bring challenges, as Rahu’s influence can lead to restlessness and a desire for independence. It is essential for Shatabhisha individuals to channel their energies positively, focusing on self-awareness and embracing their unique gifts.

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These Signs Need To Stay Cautious Of The Saturn-Rahu Conjunction


For Virgos, the period of the Saturn-Rahu Conjunction until October 17 may bring some difficulties. With Saturn in Satabhisha nakshatra, it’s crucial for Virgo natives to remain cautious. Expenses might increase significantly, and there could be financial losses. A series of setbacks in work may lead to mental stress. During this phase, it’s essential to avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments.

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Scorpios may experience minor setbacks and challenges due to the Saturn-Rahu conjunction. Career and business may encounter obstacles, and interactions with superiors could be demanding. The period until October 17 might see an increase in adversaries. If you are in a romantic relationship, be cautious, as misunderstandings could arise, leading to strained relationships. While driving, extra vigilance is necessary.


For Pisces natives, the Saturn-Rahu conjunction in Shatabhisha nakshatra could have an adverse impact. A significant loss or illness in the family might require hospital visits and extra care. Those in professions could experience a few stressful days. Unnecessary expenditures might rise during this time.

In conclusion, the Saturn-Rahu conjunction in Shatabhisha nakshatra until October 17 can be challenging for certain zodiac signs. However, with awareness and caution, it is possible to navigate through this period smoothly. 

Remember, astrology offers guidance, but it is essential to remain positive and take decisive actions to overcome any hurdles that come our way. Stay aware, and stay prepared!

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