Saturn-Rahu Conjunction Forms Devastating Pishach Yoga: Note Remedies Now!

Pishach Yoga 2023: For Saturn, Karma is believed to be effective. To put it simply, Saturn rewards the native in Kalyug for his actions by giving him fruits. Being revered as the god of justice, Saturn has been regarded as a very significant figure in Kalyug. The native succeeds and makes rapid progress with Saturn’s blessings. However, Saturn’s unfavorable aspect encourages a great deal of difficulty in life. We are well aware that distinct Yogas are created by the conjunction of the planets, their movements, and the transits of the constellations. 

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Numerous such Yogas are believed to be quite auspicious and fruitful, while other Yogas are considered to be extremely detrimental. We’ll learn about one such unlucky Yoga today. Pishach Yoga is one of the several Yogas that is formed by the conjunction of Saturn and Rahu. We will learn about its impact and other crucial details in this blog.

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What Is Pishach Yoga?

Durta Yoga, also known as Mandi Yoga, is created as a result of a combination between Saturn and Rahu. In addition to this, Pishach Yoga is also a result of the conjunction of these two significant planets. Because of the nature of its name, this Yoga is both extremely dangerous and inauspicious. 

The consequences of this could be adverse for the natives. It is believed to be extremely crucial to get rid of it because, in accordance with astrology, it might entirely ruin anyone’s life. Usually, the ritual Shradh is conducted for ancestors as a cure.

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Significance Of Rahu Planet In Astrology

Rahu is sometimes referred to as a “shadow planet” and is thought to be a sinful planet. Additionally, Rahu is seen as a deceiving planet. It always moves backward i.e in retrograde position. The effect of the Mahadasha of Rahu stays for 18 years in a native’s life. 

Rahu and Saturn are almost the same in nature. You might have a variety of illnesses throughout your life as a result of Rahu’s vulnerable position. As a result of Rahu’s favorable influence on the horoscope, however, the native gain a solid reputation in politics, and they are all brave, clever, and very talkative.

Surefire Remedies To Combat The Impact Of Pishach Yoga

  • To lessen its unfavorable effects, donate a cow.
  • Also, it will be beneficial to recite Saturn and Rahu Beej Mantra everyday.
  • Additionally, feeding the blind lessens the negative impact of Pishach Yoga.
  • Chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra daily. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa will also be helpful.
  • To lessen Pishach Yoga, you can donate Urad Dal, iron, black color clothes and shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.1 Which Yoga is formed with the Saturn-Rahu?

Ans. The Saturn-Rahu union forms Pishach Yoga.

Ques.2 What problems Saturn-Rahu conjunction causes?

Ans. Saturn-Rahu conjunction causes worries and tensions in a person’s life.

Ques.3 Can Saturn control Rahu?

Ans. Saturn is the only planet who can control Rahu. 

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