Vish Yoga 2023: Impact Of Saturn-Moon Conjunction Will Be Dramatic!

Saturn is a significant planet in Vedic astrology since it teaches man about the both good and bad in life. When their zodiac or position changes, they have an impact on human life. When a planet moves from one zodiac sign to another in this sequence, a variety of auspicious and inauspicious Yogas are formed. Something similar will occur with the conjunction of Saturn and Moon, resulting in an unlucky yoga. So let’s learn about the Yoga created by Saturn and the Moon.  

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Saturn And Moon Transit: Date And Time 

Saturn, the God of justice, will leave Capricorn and enter its own zodiac sign i.e Aquarius on January 17, 2023, at 05:04 p.m. On the other hand, the Moon, the factor of mind, stays in each zodiac sign for two and a half days, and it is presently placed in Aquarius on January 23, 2023, resulting in the Moon-Saturn conjunction. Along with this, unlucky Vish Yoga is being developed. So let’s talk about this unlucky Yoga.  

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Know About The Vish Yoga

In astrology, Vish Yoga is one of the inauspicious Yogas formed by the conjunction of Saturn and the Moon. It is considered that someone with Vish Yoga in his horoscope will confront numerous difficulties and issues in his life. Let us now observe which zodiac signs will have to deal with the unfavourable impacts of Vish Yoga. 

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Vish Yoga: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Impacted

Below is a list of three zodiac signs that will be greatly influenced by the Vish Yoga formed by the conjunction of Saturn and Moon.


Vish Yoga is likely to be difficult for Cancerians because it is formed in the eighth house of your horoscope. These people will have to take extra care of their health in this situation. At this time, avoid beginning any new or demanding task. These people are prone to get into a dispute or debate with someone, so try to avoid them. You may also experience mental tension as a result of Shani Dhaiya. These individuals are advised to worship Lord Shiva and Lord Shani.    

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The development of Vish Yoga is expected to be unfavourable for Virgos. This partnership is forming in the sixth house of your horoscope, and you might have to face defeat in legal or court issues as a result. These people must avoid travelling, and those who have already travelled must avoid being careless with their belongings. Those who run their own businesses will have to be cautious in their dealings.


Pisceans should exercise extreme caution because Vish Yoga can be dangerous. Saturn and the Moon are conjoining in the twelfth house of your horoscope. In such a case, your expenses might rise, and as a result, your budget could become overburdened. During this time, avoid making new investments or investing in business; else, losses may occur. These individuals must avoid any form of negligence at work and must take care of their health. If you wish to start a new project in partnership, postpone it for the future. 

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