Saturn-Mars Conjunction In Aquarius: Which Zodiacs Are Getting Fortunate?

Saturn-Mars Conjunction In Aquarius: According to Vedic Astrology, each planet is bound to move from one zodiac to another zodiac after a certain period of time. When one or more planets are present in one zodiac, they happen to form a conjunction or popularly known as yogas. Today, we are going to introduce you to one such conjunction forming in the zodiac of air elements, Aquarius. We are very much talking about Saturn-Mars conjunction in Aquarius. 

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Mars in Vedic astrology is said to be the representative of will power, courage, confidence, and leadership. But on the downside, it can also lead to the negative qualities like anger, rage, short-tempered, hatred, impulsive nature and insensitivity. While Saturn, which is generally considered as a malefic planet, and called the God of justice, who balances the good and bad. Saturn is the planet that instructs us to work hard, to get discipline. It always teaches the natives some hard-learned lessons. A lot of you may wonder what will happen if the two of them will form a conjunction. Well, for now, we can tell you that there are several zodiacs that are going to benefit out of the Saturn-Mars conjunction in Aquarius. Curious about who are those zodiacs? Then, stick with us till the end cause we have brought the list of those fortunate zodiacs at your doorstep through this special AstroSage blog. 

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Saturn-Mars Conjunction In Aquarius: Date And Time

In some days, Mars is going to enter the Aquarius zodiac sign where Saturn is already present. On 15th March, at 17:42, Mars will transit in Aquarius and Saturn has been residing in the same zodiac since early 2023, the two will form  Saturn-Mars conjunction in Aquarius. This conjunction will run for about 38 days and on 22nd April, Mars will come out from Aquarius on 22nd April. In such a situation, it will benefit some of the zodiacs with abundance and many opportunities. 

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Saturn-Mars Conjunction In Aquarius: Positive Impacts On These Zodiacs 


This transit of Mars will bring a lot of fruitful results for the Taurus natives. This will support them to get a prestigious position or enhance their position. There are high chances of getting good news related to the children. The natives may even travel abroad for a work purpose. There may be chances of inflow of money without doing any hard work. 


The Mars transit in Aquarius will be extremely fortunate for the Gemini natives especially in their professional life. There can be an increase in their income and there are even chances of promotion at the workplace. The natives who are involved in a business, they may get to meet new investors. Coming to the professional life, there will be sweetness and beauty in your marriage as well. Overall, this is a great time for the Gemini natives. 


Now, talking about the Mars transit in Aquarius, they will get a lot of positive results. There are high chances of respect and honor increasing in the business field. The natives will get success in whatever they will do and they will even be able to successfully accomplish all the tasks at their workplace. 

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