Saturn-Jupiter In Retrograde Motion In July, Know Zodiac-Wise Impact

The state of planetary retrogression in the world of Vedic Astrology is considered an important event. Retrograde is a process in which any planet ‘appears’ to move in reverse. When any planet turns retrograde, its impact in the horoscope of the natives also increases. For example, if a planet in one’s kundli is in a position to offer negative or positive results, then in its retrograde state, the negative or positive effects of that planet on the life of that native simultaneously increase.

Now since important planets like Saturn and Jupiter are moving in retrograde state and the month of July is about to start, in such a situation, it will be very interesting to see how the retrogression of Saturn and Jupiter is going to affect all the 12 zodiac signs in July.

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Saturn In Vedic Astrology and Its Retrograde Motion

In Vedic Astrology, Shani or Saturn is termed as a sinful, malefic planet, although any planet offers results according to its position in a kundli. Shani is considered to be the benefactor of sorrow, diseases, minerals, pain, iron, science etc. in the horoscope of any person. Out of all 12 zodiac signs, Saturn is considered to be the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. At the same time, among 27 Nakshatras or Constellations, Saturn has its lordship over Pushya, Anuradha and Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra. Saturn is exalted in Libra while debilitated in Aries.

When Did Saturn Turn Retrograde: Shani Devta spends about 36 percent of the period of its transit by being in a retrograde motion. At present, Saturn is in Capricorn and on May 23, 2021, had become retrograde in this sign. This retrograde motion of Saturn will remain till 11 October 2021.

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Jupiter In Vedic Astrology and Its Retrograde Motion

In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter has been entitled as the Teacher among all the planets. This is the reason why Jupiter is also called Guru. out of all the 12 zodiac signs, Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces. On the other hand, among the 27 Nakshatras or Constellations, Punarvasu, Visakha and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatras are ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, and debilitated in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. In the kundli of any native, Jupiter is considered to be the benefactor of education, teacher, children, religious deeds, knowledge, elder brother etc.

When Did Jupiter Turn Retrograde: The Jupiter remains in a retrograde state for about four months during its 13-month transit period. In the year 2021 on June 20, Jupiter had turned retrograde in Aquarius. On 18 October 2021, it will become direct again.

Let us now know what changes are and opportunities are in store for thr natives of 12 zodiac signs with these two planets turning retrograde and remaining in the similar state in the month of July.

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Impact Of These Two Retrograde Planets On 12 Zodiac Signs


For the natives of Aries zodiac sign, this time will prove to be a time of change from the perspective of career. There are chances of a change in the job for several working natives. On the other hand, in terms of financial life this month, you need to be careful while spending money, otherwise you may find yourself financially weak at the end of the month. Positive results will be obtained in professional life, due to which the mind can remain satisfied and happy. Those who wish to pursue higher education can get success during this period.

Remedy: Recite the path of Sundarkand especially on Tuesdays.


This period can prove to be a period of positive change for the natives of Taurus zodiac sign. During this period, chances of an advancement in career or desired job transfer are expected. You will be able to accomplish impending projects and works, which will strengthen your economic situation. Health will remain better. Good results can also be achieved in professional life. You can go on some kind of trip this month.

Remedy: Nurture the Tulsi plant and light a lamp in front of Tulsi ji in the evening.

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This month can prove to be a bit difficult for Gemini natives. During this time, you may have to work very hard to achieve minimum success, which may upset you mentally. Some new problems may keep arising in job and business, due to which mental stress may increase. You are advised to spend money wisely this month, otherwise, due to weak financial condition, you may have to apply for a loan. However, there is a possibility of getting full support of family and friends, with which you will be able to overcome many of your problems. On the other hand, the time is better for those who wish to pursue higher education.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesday and offer Boondi laddus to him.


This time will offer mixed results for the natives of Cancer zodiac sign. In the first week of July, you may suffer from unnecessary mental stress. However, by the end of the month, positive changes can be seen in the situation. During this time, you need to be aware of your own health. If there is a slight problem, do not ignore it and seek medical advice. You can perform better than normal in job and business. However, during this time, you may remain upset due to unnecessary delays in some important works. While talking to any member of the family, keep a check on your speech.

Remedy: Offer milk and sugar to the Shivling on Monday.


This time is likely to be better for the natives of Leo zodiac sign. There can be an improvement in health, due to which you will remain happy and be able to feel the energy bubbling inside you. You can get satisfactory success in accumulating money, due to which financial conditions can remain better than normal. The people of Leo zodiac sign can be seen doing well in the field of work this month. Positive results are also expected in the field of education. Some kind of good news can be received from your children’s side, due to which your mind will remain happy.

Remedy: Chant Gayantri Mantra 108 times in a day.


Virgo natives are advised to think well before taking any important decision this month, otherwise losses may have to be suffered. There is a need to be vigilant about health. Be extra careful while driving. There may be many obstacles in the work this month, but you will also be able to overcome them with your hard work and dedication. There are chances of promotion in the workplace. It is also possible for you to go on some kind of journey. You can get mixed results in professional life.

Remedy: Recite Shri Durga Chalisa daily.


Natives of Libra zodiac sign should take special care of their health this month. Eat a nutritious and balanced food. On the other hand, this time is likely to be favorable for you in terms of financial life. You can get full support of family, friends and relatives, due to which the mind will remain calm and happy. Your performance at the workplace is also likely to be good this month. However, anger can be seen in your nature. In such a situation, you are advised to work with a cool mind while talking to your colleagues. On the other hand, some conflicting situations may arise in married life, due to which mental tension can increase.

Remedy: Worship Maa Parvati and offer makeup or items of Shringar to the Goddess.

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Scorpio natives can be seen spending most of their time with family this month. However, there is a possibility of you getting into a dispute with your father or elder siblings regarding something. In such a situation, you are advised to keep a check on your speech during any argument. This time can prove to be better for you in terms of career, as the mind will be happy with so many positive changes taking place. This month, you can be successful in trying to accumulate wealth, due to which your financial condition is likely to improve. There are chances of relocation. During this time, you may appear busy in some auspicious activities. You are advised to take suggestions from the elders of the house before taking any important decision.

Remedy: Worship Hanuman ji on Tuesday and offer Sindoor or Vermilion to the Lord.


Sagittarius natives are advised to control their speech this month or else they may find themselves stuck in uncomfortable situations. This month can bring some kind of big change in your career. There are chances of you getting relocated. At the same time, there may be some problem at the workplace, due to which there is a possibility of you becoming upset. The ill health of a family member can be a reason of concern for you. Relationship with a friend or relative can get spoiled due to something which is not good for you at all.

Remedy: Respect your elders and teachers and seek their blessings.


For the natives of Capricorn zodiac sign, this time can bring positive changes in life. Any long-standing work-related problem can be solved. At the same time, chances of promotion are also likely at the workplace. There is also a possibility of an increase in salary, which will strengthen the financial situation. You are expected to gain full cooperation at the work from colleagues, due to which you can be seen performing better. Due to your work for the society, you can get some kind of respect, due to which your stature in the society will become even higher. In married life, closeness with the life partner can increase.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.


For the natives of Aquarius zodiac sign, you have to remain conscious of your health. During this period, you can keep yourself healthy with the help of exercise and yoga etc. The financial situation will remain normal. At the same time this month, you can take interest in activities and works related to religion and spirituality. There is a possibility of you becoming lazier day by day in life, which will also have a negative effect on you at your workplace. Confusion may persist. You may feel a lack of energy.

Remedy: Practice yoga and meditation to calm your mind and increase your tolerance power and stamina.


This time is likely to be auspicious for the natives of Pisces zodiac sign. During this time your self-confidence will increase, due to which you will be able to feel mentally relaxed. The mind is likely to be happy with positive changes in the career. On the other hand, this month, if you make efforts in the right direction regarding some work, then you are likely to get complete success. During this period, with your incredible speech skills, you can be successful in getting many of your work done with the assistance of others. You can get some support in your business with the help of contacts made in the past.

Remedy: Chant the mantra ‘ॐ गुं गुरुवे नमः/oṃ guṃ guruve namaḥ‘ 108 times regularly.

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