Saturn Strolling Through Last 2 Padas Of Dhanishta Nakshatra in Aquarius From 17 Jan!

Saturn In Dhanishta Nakshatra 2023: In Astrology, every planet transits through different zodiac signs and every zodiac sign has 2.25 Nakshatras under it that it rules. Any planet is bound to give any positive or negative outcome based on the zodiac it occupies and the nakshatra it is placed in. Each nakshatra is further divided into 4 different padas and those padas also impact different planets differently. 

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According to Indian Astrology, there are 27 nakshatras in total. Of all these nakshatras, the 23rd nakshatra is “Dhanishta”. The zodiac sign of this constellation is Capricorn and Aquarius, which are the zodiac signs of Saturn. However, the owner planet of the Dhanishta Nakshatra is considered to be Mars. 

We, at Astrosage, want our readers to have new insights on astrology and make reading interesting for you all with every new blog that we release. Now in continuation with the topic, we will talk about the God of Karma, planet Saturn. Saturn enters the 3rd pada of Dhanishta Nakshatra on 17th January, 2023 at 05:04 pm. Saturn will remain in this Nakshatra till 14th March, 2023. The presence of Saturn in Dhanishta Nakshatra will impact different natives differently according to the placement of Saturn in their natal charts, placement of Mars in their natal charts (as Mars is the ruler of Dhanishta), the Mahadasha they are running in, and their zodiac sign as well as the ascendant they are born in. 

Now, let’s understand the impact of Saturn in Dhanishta Nakshatra and its impact on natives born with this placement of Saturn. 

Traits Of Natives Born With Saturn In Dhanishta Nakshatra

Dhanishta Nakshatra, is often linked with adaptability being one of its natural traits. It bestows reputation and fortune to the person born during this astrological period. Mars is the ruler of Dhanishta Nakshatra, and for this reason, Dhanishta Nakshatra is synonymous with energy and passion as the governing traits of this Nakshatra.

Agni, Prithvi, Vāyu, Varuna, Dyaus, Surya, Chandramas and Dhruva are the deities presiding over this constellation. Since the people born in the constellation of Dhanishta Nakshatra possess all eight of these blessings, they are unstoppable in their pursuit of success. They have extraordinary tastes in music and the arts. They are innovators in this field because of their tendency toward rhythm. Additionally, they have a lot of energy and are coordinated well, which makes it common for them to flourish in team sports. They have a talent for maintaining material stability and are diligent, intelligent, trustworthy people.

Their propensity to indulge in a variety of skill sets and objectives brings them wealth and recognition, but it is also a result of their tenacity in overcoming every obstacle that stands in their way. They are social beings who have a strong sense of respect for others. These intelligent individuals are devout, religious, and true to what they say. They are role models for others and top achievers.

Now let us understand more about Dhanishta Nakshatra as per Astrology.

Dhanishta Nakshatra in Astrology

There are 27 Nakshatras in the astrological plane and Dhanishta is the twenty third Nakshatra out of the twenty seven nakshatras. It ranges from 23 degrees in Capricorn to 6 degrees 40’ in Aquarius. The ruling deity of this Nakshatra is the planet Mars, which itself is associated with the eight elements namely Agni, Prithvi, Vāyu, Varuna, Dyaus, Surya, Chandramas and Dhruva therefore, this Nakshatra incorporates all the eight characteristics associated with each element such as music, confidence, stability, reliability, hard work, energy, intelligence, and empathy. 

Now, let us understand the different planets whose placement, house lordship, and dignity needs to  be considered before making predictions for anyone with Saturn in Dhanishta Nakshatra. Planets to be considered are Saturn, Mars, and Rahu as all these planets have significant roles to play when talking of Dhanishta Nakshatra.


Saturn in astrology is associated with delays, old age, discipline, hard work, failure, etc. Basically Saturn is everything an individual tries to avoid in life. Saturn is the lord of “Karma”, therefore, is also a hard taskmaster. Saturn is a large, slow, dry planet that asks us to focus on those areas of life which require attention and where there is improvement needed. Saturn destroys everything and asks us to rebuild from scratch in order to learn and grow as an individual. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. So, when Saturn moves into Aquarius it moves to the 3rd pada of Dhanishta and gradually to the 4th and the last pada of Dhanishta Nakshatra. Hence, it is important to understand Saturn as a planet and its role in an individual’s horoscope.


Mars is an action oriented planet and a go-getter. Mars has a fiery nature and is associated with passion, energy, aggression and valor. As Mars rules Dhanishta Nakshatra, its position, dignity and the houses it rules in the natal chart of an individual becomes important to correctly predict Saturn’s functioning for an individual.


Rahu is a malefic planet and generally is associated with negative things such as fear, illusion, obsession, confusion, greed and materialism. Rahu co-rules Aquarius and the 3rd and the 4th pada of Dhanishta extends up to 6 degrees 40’ of Aquarius. Hence, Rahu’s placement and dignity also becomes important in making predictions for an individual as Rahu will also impact Saturn to a certain extent. 

Saturn in Dhanishta Nakshatra: General Interpretation

  • Saturn here is in the nakshatra of Mars, its enemy, but still is considered strong as Dhanishta nakshatra extends from Capricorn to Aquarius both of which are its own signs.
  • Dhanishta is the nakshatra of finances, wealth, assets, stability, adaptability, and symphony (as it also supports music and theater related arts).
  • Individuals with this placement of Saturn may lack wealth and financial stability during the initial phase of life but gradually they find stability in life. 
  • Finances and assets usually come to them after the age of 30 years and above.
  • If Saturn is placed in Capricorn and Dhanishta Nakshatra then for such individuals attaining power, position and authority becomes more important.
  • These results may however come after a delay in life with a lot of hard work and perseverance. 
  • In Aquarius however, the individual along with possessing all these above mentioned traits may also be inclined towards serving the people in need or the poor. 
  • In relationship matters too, if Saturn is in any way linked to the 2nd, 5th, 7th or 11th houses while being placed in the Dhanishta Nakshatra one will experience delays, frustrations and restrictions with negligible romance. Their relationships are usually long lasting but dull and dry. 

Dhanishta Nakshatra Padas

First Pada of Dhanishta Nakshatra

The Sun rules the first pada of this nakshatra, which is in the sign of Leo. It combines the influences of Mars, Saturn, and the Sun while putting a strong emphasis on material success. With the exception of marriage, the native will succeed in every endeavor.

Second Pada of the Dhanishta Nakshatra

This falls in the Virgo Navamsa, which is controlled by Mercury. The natives’ communication skills are strong in this situation. Again, marriage is challenging in this situation, but musical and athletic talent will emerge. 

Third Pada of the Dhanishta Nakshatra

This Nakshatra’s third pada falls in the Venus-ruled Libra Navamsa. It uplifts the native’s spirits. This third Pada ensures that marriages are successful. The native will be exceptional in astrology, the performing arts, and spirituality.

Fourth Pada of Dhanishta Nakshatra

Mars is the ruler of the Scorpio Navamsa, which includes the fourth pada. There is an abundance of vitality, and the native will thrive in outdoor games and demand a lot of energy for physical activity. The native will help the less fortunate, but he or she won’t be able to avoid conflict at home.

Now, let us also understand how Saturn will impact each zodiac sign from 17th January, 2023 to 14th March, 2023 while it is in Dhanishta nakshatra.

Saturn In Dhanishta Nakshatra: Zodiac-Wise Predictions

Aries: This transit will be a good time for these natives professionally as they will be able to achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions. People working in private sectors can have promotions and new career opportunities coming up. People involved in business can crack new business deals and make new connections that can help them expand their business.

Taurus: Taurus natives looking for a job change or a good hike in salary will have amazing opportunities coming their way as Saturn will transit through their 10th house of career. This is a time when you can kickstart your career if you’re a fresher. Good times ahead. 

Gemini: A good time to travel abroad for higher studies as Saturn transits through their 9th house. Travel related to job or business could be on the cards. Higher studies within the country would also be possible. Your relationship with your father and your younger siblings will improve.

Cancer: Cancer natives will be starting their Dhaiyya as Saturn transits through Aquarius in Dhanishta and this is a time to introspect and be more conscious about the focal points in life or the areas that need attention. Your married life and family life could be disturbed. This is a time of sudden losses and sudden gains as Saturn enters your 8th house of the natal horoscope.

Leo: As Saturn transits your 7th house of horoscope you will have new business opportunities coming up. You could also go on pilgrimage with family or with your spouse. This is a good time to purchase property or other luxurious items. The ones who are unmarried could get married and enter the new phase of family life depending upon other yogas, aspects and the Mahadasha you’re running in.

Virgo: As Saturn moves to your 6th house placed in Mars’ nakshatra Dhanishta, it will be a good time for people working in the judiciary. Lawyers or Judges could witness a period of growth. This is a good time to make investments, however that would also depend on other planetary placements of individuals. If you’re suffering from some health ailments then do not ignore your health issues. Seek proper medical support.

Libra: As Saturn moves to your 5th house in Aquarius in Dhanishta nakshatra will be a good time for students if they put in effort. The people involved in creative fields such as architects, designers, etc will experience success in job or business though Saturn in 5th house could disturb your married life. Caution is advised.

Scorpio: Scorpio natives would have a hard time with property related issues as Sturn moves into their 4th house and will be troubled mentally. Physical exhaustion is on the cards. Jobs and business could also suffer. Personal life or home environment will be disturbed.

Sagittarius: Saturn in the 3rd house in the nakshatra owned by Mars is sure to increase your effort, concentration, perseverance and willpower. You will now be open to take risks in career and business and succeed in your endeavors. Your relationship with your siblings will improve and work related travel would reap beneficial results.

Capricorn: Your finances and savings will improve. New horizons of earnings or new sources of income will open up for you. However, be watchful as your words could end up upsetting elders at home and disturbing the home environment. A good time for people involved in occult studies or practices.

Aquarius: Your expenses will increase as you could be troubled by health issues. This is a time for mental stress or physical stress . New opportunities in business could creep up and people working in private jobs could find new job opportunities.

Pisces: Students will find it hard to concentrate on studies. Work related journeys will not be as fruitful as expected. Your expenses could increase but business would also be profitable. Be careful to not start something new as it could bring you losses. 


The Dhanishta Nakshatra native will be an expert in his field. He/She has a broad knowledge spectrum  and is passionate about achieving set goals. He/She hates thinking, saying, or acting in a way that could harm someone else. Such an individual does not want to deviate from their primary focus, their goals. That being said, such natives are vengeful and have a lot of patience, so they will patiently for long periods of time to take revenge if they have to. However, please remember that these are generic predictions and the results may vary for every individual based on the placement of Saturn, house ownership, dignity, aspects and many other factors in their natal charts. 

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