Saturn In Aquarius: Creates Financial Havoc For 3 Zodiacs In 2024

Saturn In Aquarius: In the astrological world, special importance is given to the movement of planets across different zodiacs. Currently, Saturn is located in its own sign Aquarius, and will remain in the zodiac till the year 2024. Saturn in Aquarius impacts the lives of 12 zodiacs but creates financial troubles for a few unlucky signs. 

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Saturn or Shani is considered one of the slowest planets among all and it is known as the giver of justice. The planet is also referred to as a cruel planet that can create immense financial troubles in the lives of natives. Saturn in Aquarius during the period will rise and also get into the retrograde state. This blog focuses on the negative effects of Saturn in Aquarius and its impact on unlucky 3 zodiacs. 

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Vital Date: In 2024, Saturn will be in a combust state from 11 February to 18 March. This will result in different troubles for natives of some zodiacs. 

Negative Impact Of Saturn: It results in delays & obstacles in different activities of natives and thus blocks growth opportunities. The financial stability also gets compromised due to Saturn’s impact on the horoscope and also increases the overall expenses. It can also become a factor of isolation and loneliness in the lives of natives. 

List Of 3 Unlucky Zodiacs Due To Saturn In Aquarius in 2024 

Saturn In Aquarius: Aries 

Saturn or Shani Dev is going to retrograde in the 11th house of the Aries zodiac and it will lead to different troubles in the lives of natives. Investments should be done carefully as there are strong chances of losses due to it. 

The financial condition of Aries natives will be impacted adversely due to Saturn in Aquarius and the overall expenses also increase. There will also be troubles related to business profits and finances in your organization. Don’t panic as Saturn will again rise on 18 March and this will improve the situation & the problems will come to an end.  

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In the Taurus sign, Saturn is the lord of the ninth & tenth house. Saturn’s position in the month of February 2024 will lead to different troubles in the lives of Taurus natives. They will come under tremendous financial obligations in their personal and professional life due to Saturn in Aquarius. 

There can also be troubles in your family and financial concerns can result in fights with family members. This can further aggregate into mental stress or troubles in the family. Your expenses will rise unexpectedly and will result in a fall in wealth. The financial commitments should be well-planned as they can result in unexpected expenses. 

Saturn In Aquarius: Virgo

The natives of the Virgo sign need to be a little careful in 2024 due to Saturn’s positioning in your horoscope. Saturn in Aquarius results in disagreements in your family due to financial instabilities and thinking multiple times before making an investment. 

Business persons can encounter losses due to irrelevant expenses or investments. The financial condition can be weakened in the coming time and thus try to stay focused with your financial commitments. There is the need to stay a little careful about your health as the expenses can rise because of it. 

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Q1. Is Saturn providing negative results for Aquarius?

Ans. Saturn is considered the ruler of the Aquarius sign and it provides positive results to a few zodiacs. But some signs also face negative effects. 

Q2. What will be the financial impact on Pisces zodiac?

Ans. It will remain average for the Pisces natives, but one needs to stay careful with their investments. 

Q3. What is the benefit of Saturn in Aquarius?

Ans. The lucky natives will be able to develop good intellectual capabilities and thus ensure the rise of prestige. 

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