Saturn’s Direct Movement Will Make These Signs Fortunate!

Saturn is one of the most significant planets in astrology. It can make a person from pauper to prince and from prince to pauper. Therefore, all its movement affects the lives of all living beings, be it retrograde motion, direct, or transit. On October 23, 2022, Saturn turned direct in Capricorn at 4:19 am, which means that it changed its motion from backward to forward. So, it is only natural that Saturn direct will affect the lives of all individuals. In this blog by AstroSage, we will tell you about 6 zodiac signs that will be the most fortunate due to this phenomenon. Let’s find out which these signs are!

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Saturn Direct Will Bless These Signs


Saturn direct will bring good outcomes for the Taurus natives. Their self-confidence will increase and there will be harmony in their married life. You might even get new career opportunities due to this movement. Your income will increase, which will further enhance your financial condition. Also, your reputation among the family members will improve. There are good chances of promotion in jobs as well.


Cancer natives will enjoy a good mood due to Saturn direct. Some religious events can take place in the family which will enhance the family environment. This period is favorable for the Cancer students, and even the working professionals will be supported by their seniors and colleagues. 


The Leo natives might attain wealth at this time. There are good chances of purchasing vehicles as well. So if you were planning for any such purchase, this will be a favorable time for that. You will get financial support from your parents, and the married couples might plan to extend their family. This period is also favorable for the working professionals of this zodiac sign.

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You will get the support of your seniors and colleagues at the workplace. It is a great time for the business people of Libra zodiac sign as there are chances of success. You will get the support of your friends and family and you will see an increase in your income. This could also help you in paying off your debts.


There are chances of job transfer for you. Your family life will be peaceful during this period. The Capricorn parents could receive good news because of their children. You could also attain good wealth at this time. You will be supported by your seniors and colleagues at the workplace. You will also get rid of financial problems.


For the Pisces natives, new sources of income will open and you could get a promotion at your current job. This will improve your financial condition. You could also travel to some place. The business people of this sign will earn good profits.

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