Saturn Direct: Auspicious Time for 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs!

In astrology, when a planet moves forward in a direct motion while staying in a particular zodiac sign, it is known as “direct” or “direct motion.” Currently, Saturn is in retrograde motion and will turn direct on November 4th. Saturn’s direct motion is considered beneficial for many people.

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In astrology, Saturn is considered a highly significant planet. It moves at a slow pace, staying in one zodiac sign for approximately two and a half years, forming what is known as the Sade Sati period. Saturn’s auspicious influence brings significant and positive changes in a person’s life.

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Saturn is known as the dispenser of justice and the giver of karmic results, which bestow favorable or unfavorable outcomes based on a person’s actions. Currently, Saturn is in its retrograde phase, also known as Saturn’s backward motion.

When Saturn starts moving forward in a direct motion, it is referred to as Saturn going direct. Saturn went retrograde on June 17th, 2023, and will go direct on November 4th, 2023, a Saturday.

According to Vedic astrology, Saturn’s retrograde motion has a negative impact on zodiac signs. During this phase, individuals may face various difficulties. However, when Saturn goes direct, it brings a positive change in the fortunes of the zodiac signs. Certain signs will receive special benefits from Saturn going direct.

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Saturn Direct: Good Time For These Zodiacs


Taurus individuals will greatly benefit from Saturn’s direct movement. The influence of Saturn will bring success in all their endeavors. They will also prosper in business. It is an indication of getting a good job. There are also indications of acquiring higher education. Saturn going direct will reward their hard work, and their financial situation will improve.


Saturn’s direct motion will be highly favorable for Gemini individuals. During this period, Saturn will make them work hard but also provide the desired results. They may benefit from ancestral property and paternal assets. Business-related individuals will experience favorable outcomes. They may embark on several journeys that will yield positive results.

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Libra individuals will experience significant improvements in their careers due to Saturn turning direct. The work environment will be favorable for them, and they will have opportunities for career advancement. Some may receive promotions. Businesspersons will also earn good profits. There will be improvements in their financial matters, and the possibility of increased income is also high.


Saturn’s direct motion will bring immense benefits to Sagittarius individuals. During this period, they will achieve many important goals. Job-oriented individuals will have a chance to take on significant responsibilities, which they will fulfill successfully. They will receive complete support from their colleagues. Students will also benefit from Saturn’s direct motion, resulting in favorable educational outcomes. Business ventures will flourish.

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