Saturn Direct (23 October) Will Form ‘Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga’: 3 Signs Will Be Lucky!

Saturn is going to turn direct in Capricorn soon in October 2022. In astrology, every planet changes motion and position at a certain pace and duration. In this regard, Saturn turned retrograde in Capricorn in July 2022, and now in October, it is going to change its motion to direct. This change of motion will also give rise to an auspicious yoga i.e. Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga. It will have a huge impact on the lives of all 12 natives, but 3 zodiac signs will be specifically affected. But first, let us check out the time of Saturn Direct in Capricorn.

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Saturn Direct In Capricorn: Date & Timing

Saturn is regarded as an important planet in astrology and rules two signs- Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn, which turned retrograde in July, will resume its movement in the direct motion in the sign of Capricorn in October. Both retrograde and direct motion of Saturn affects the lives of all natives significantly.

Saturn Direct Date: 23 October 2022 (Sunday)

Saturn Direct Time: 04:19 am 

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Special Yoga Forms On This Day

On 23 October 2022, Indra Yoga is forming. This is an auspicious yoga as per astrology. Indra Yoga is not a rare yoga per se, but it bestows an individual with positive outcomes. People who have this pious yoga in their charts are mighty and highly courageous. Such natives also build a strong reputation for themselves in the society. 

Indra Yoga will last upto 04:06:14 pm on 23 October.

Besides Indra Yoga, Akhanda Samrajya Yoga will also be created due to this change in movement of Saturn. Let’s see what Akhanda Samrajya Yoga is.

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Saturn Direct Gives Rise to Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga 

Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga is one of a kind, and with this change of Saturn’s motion, this Rajyoga is bringing many benefits for 3 natives. According to astrology, this Rajyoga bestows a person with immense wealth, happiness and abundance. It is believed that even a ‘Pauper becomes a Prince’ when Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga is present in the horoscope of a person. Maa Laxmi’s blessings are always there with such natives, which help them acquire a lot of wealth. People with Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga perform well in the fields related to politics, and this Yoga favors them with positive outcomes till the age of 75 years.

Now on 23 October, the formation of Akhanda Samrajya Rajyoga due to Saturn direct will benefit 3 signs the most. Let’s see which are these signs.

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Saturn Direct Will Benefit These 3 Signs

Aries: Akhanda Samrajya Yoga will bring many benefits for Aries natives. Saturn will turn direct in the tenth house from your sign. This is the place associated with jobs and business. Saturn’s direct movement will prove favorable for the natives who deal with stock market and shares. There are good chances that you will receive a job offer from a reputed company. Also, you might get a promotion or salary hike. The Aries business people will earn good profit during this period. Your productivity will be at a boom at this time and you will perform well at every task you pick. This will earn you a lot of appreciation from your superiors and colleagues. 

Pisces: This period will be very positive for the Pisces natives. Saturn will turn direct in the 11th house of the Pisces natives, which is the place of income and benefits. So, this will be the time when you will be successful in accumulating wealth and attain money from various sources. Also, you will be able to establish new business connections. These connections will help you take your business to great heights and earn good profits. You might even plan to purchase a vehicle or property.

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Sagittarius: As per the astrologers, the direct movement of Saturn will bring good days for the Sagittarius natives. Saturn will change motion in the second house from your transit horoscope. This is the house of wealth and communication. It will be a very lucky period for you during which you will earn good wealth. There are chances of getting back the money that you had lended in the past. Sagittarius business people will earn good profits, which will enhance their financial status. Besides this, the people associated with professions related to communication and marketing will enjoy a favorable period.

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