Saturn Direct: Auspicious Time For These Zodiacs To Increase Wealth

Saturn Direct In Aquarius: In Vedic Astrology, the movement of planets across different zodiacs play a significant role in the life of natives. Saturn direct in Aquarius brings relevant changes in the life of zodiac signs. Saturn is considered one of the slowest planets in astrology for its movement and takes around two and a half years to transit from one sign to another. It means the planet moving forward and having a positive impact on certain zodiac signs.

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Saturn is considered the lord of Aquarius & Capricorn and the blessing of the planet which results in justice across the lives of natives. It means that individuals are more likely to get the desired results as per their deeds. The AstroSage blog holds details of lucky zodiacs in the period. 

Date Of Saturn Direct In Aquarius

Saturn directs in Aquarius on 04th November and will make a different impact on zodiacs till 2024.

List Of 3 Zodiacs Benefiting From Saturn Direct In Aquarius


Saturn direct in Aquarius will be a lucky time for people to move ahead in their careers and also accumulate a good amount of wealth. There are chances of success in your job or business profile or across other fields by 2024. The natives will feel energized and will take part in different activities joyfully. There are chances of increments in your job and also earn the right profits from investments. Rest assured of peace in the family and enjoy a romantic time with your partner. You can also control your expenses and thus the chances of savings also rise. It will be the time to achieve different targets at the workplace with the right steps and procedures.

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It will be the ideal time for Taurus people to make changes in their job profile or move to a new place successfully. Get progress in your career and earn the right amount of wealth in your life. Saturn direct in Aquarius will ensure the right kind of expansion in your business and attain the right impression at the workplace. You will get all the right attention in person and professional life. With the help of senior or experienced people, it will be time to take huge leaps in the career. It will be the time for unemployed people to get new job opportunities and get associated with a desired organization.


Saturn direct in Aquarius will provide the right results to Capricorn natives for their efforts. It will be the time to earn good profit in business and also move ahead in your career. Your economic condition will improve and prepare successful plans to complete different projects at work. Get top benefits from ancestral property and the hard work will bring positive results in life. There are chances of promotions in your employment and the best time to chase your dream.

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Q1. In which houses Saturn provides auspicious results?

Ans. Saturn provides positive results when it sits in the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th house.

Q2. How to know that Saturn is strong in your horoscope?

Ans. If the person stays disciplined in their personal life and also follows the right work ethic, then it means that the person has a strong Saturn in the horoscope.

Q3. Which signs get bad results from Saturn?

Ans. Saturn is referred to as malefic for Aries, Scorpio, and Pisces zodiacs.

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