Saturn Direct In Aquarius: These Zodiacs Will Get Promotion & Salary Hike!

In astrology, the planet Saturn is referred to as the benefactor of Karma,  and gives results as per one’s deeds. Many individuals get scared by hearing the name of Shani or Saturn. The lack of information leads to misconceptions about the planet and thus people face such kinds of problems. This blog contains accurate details or information on Saturn direct in Aquarius on 4th November. 

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Here you can know details of the effects on the 12 zodiac signs. Other than that, we will also provide the right information about very important points related to Saturn and clear all your confusion through their blog. So let us know about Saturn direct in the Aquarius sign. 

Saturn Direct In Aquarius 

On 04 November 2023, Saturn will make some vital motion changes, and turn direct in Aquarius at 08.26 am. The Saturn direct will affect the lives of 12 zodiac signs. Some people will benefit from it, and few others can also face troubles. 

Let us look forward and check the details on the importance of Saturn in astrology, different misconceptions related to it, and also contain information on Saturn’s effects on moving in the Aquarius sign and the relevant remedies related to it. 

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Saturn Planet In Vedic Astrology 

Saturn is considered one of the vital planets in Vedic astrology. It is regarded as the factor of age, sorrow, pain, science, technology, iron, servant, employee, and more. The zodiacs ruled by Saturn are Aquarius and Capricorn signs. Libra is appraised as the exalted sign and Aries will be taken as the debilitated sign of Venus planet. 

If we talk about the Saturn transit, it lasts for about two and a half years. It means that Saturn remains in one zodiac sign for about two and a half years and then transits to the next sign. In astrological language, this is referred to as Shani’s Dhaiya. Among all the 9 planets, Saturn is believed to be the slowest one. 

Myths And Misconceptions Related To Planet Saturn 

Generally, it has been noticed that people get scared when we talk about the Saturn planet. They fear that something wrong can happen in their lives. It is a completely wrong notion and in reality, nothing like that happens. Saturn is surely a cruel planet, but it doesn’t provide negative outcomes to the natives at all times. 

The planet Saturn is considered the giver of karma results as it provides results to persons as per their deeds. Apart from that, if the planet Saturn is in an exalted position then it transforms a person from a beggar to a king. Saturn planet is also believed to provide justice across all three worlds. In such a condition, there is nothing to be worried about Saturn. After knowing about Saturn’s position in the horoscope, one can use relevant solutions to strengthen the position of Saturn and get auspicious results in life from it. 

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The Effects Of Planet Saturn 

In Vedic astrology, it is considered favorable if Saturn is placed at a strong position in the birth horoscope in the Lagna house. The presence of Saturn in the Lagna house is making the natives mentally lazy and inferior. Other than that, the complexion of such a person is also black. However, they are scholars in their field and also like to spend time alone. 

If the planet Saturn is in a strong state in the person’s horoscope, it will yield positive outcomes. The influence of strong Saturn will also the natives diligent at their work, hard-working, and committed towards justice. These individuals also get good repute in their workplace. They also have higher patience and know the art of maintaining stability in their lives. Other than that, strong Saturn also results in longer life for such people. 

If Saturn in the horoscope is weak or afflicted then it increases the possibility of natives having different kinds of troubles in their lives. For example, it creates the chances of accidents for individuals or even jail terms. In such conditions, the well-known persons of astrology suggest easy measures related to Saturn’s position in the horoscope. Let us know the religious and astronomical importance of Saturn planet, and also the relevant solutions for its adverse effects. 

Religious And Astronomical Importance Of Saturn Planet 

If we talk about religious importance, Shani Dev is worshiped as a deity and is considered the son of Sun God. As per the scriptures, it is believed that due to the dark complexion of Shani Dev, Sun God had refused to accept him as the son, and since then there has been the rise of Saturn or Shani Dev and Sun God. Other than that, Shani Dev rides an elephant, horse, peacock, deer, donkey, dog, buffalo, vulture, and crow. Saturn is the planet that helps to maintain harmony across the Earth. It provides the results to a person for their bad deeds, and also good results for the good deeds. In the week, Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. On the day, keep fast & worship Shani Dev, and also offer mustard oil to get auspicious outcomes. 

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From the astronomical point of view, if we talk about the Saturn planet, then it has a ring around it. Other than that, it is the sixth-largest planet in the solar system and also the second-largest planet after Jupiter. In Hindi, it is known as Shani and it is a yellow-colored planet. In such a condition, it is natural that the Saturn planet holds a vital position. This is the reason why if a person doesn’t get auspicious outcomes in life due to Saturn’s position in a horoscope, then astrologers advise relevant remedies related to the planet. Let us know the simple and accurate solutions related to planet Saturn. 

Astrological Remedies Related To Planet Saturn 

  • People with Dhaiya or Sadesati in their horoscope and also facing Saturn’s influence in their lives, need to worship Lord Hanuman and also recite Hanuman Chalisa for auspicious results. 
  • Other than that, get the blessing of Shani Dev by donating oil and a shadow vessel. Take some oil in an earthen pot and donate it after seeing your reflection on it. 
  • Apart from this, get the blessing of planet Saturn by wearing the root of Dhatura. Individuals can wear it around their necks or in their hands. 
  • The Saturn planet represents the seven-faced Rudraksha. In such a situation, people with weak Saturn in the horoscope or not getting auspicious results in life due to bad positioning of Saturn in life should wear seven-faced Rudraksha for good results. 
  • Keep your acts and deeds in good direction. 
  • Stop the consumption of meat and alcohol. 
  • Feed Roti or Bread to black cows and dogs. 
  • Feed Black Gram to the fishes. 
  • Serve a good amount of food as you can to monkeys and black dogs. 
  • Other than that, on Saturday, take the roots of the Shami tree in your home and also perform the right kind of worship. By doing this, one can get auspicious outcomes related to Saturn. 
  • Also, at your home or workplace instant Shani Yantra. With the right worship of this yantra, one can attain the happiness of Saturn or Shani Dev. 

Saturn Direct In Aquarius: Its Effects And Remedies As Per Zodiac Sign 


For the Aries natives, Saturn is the tenth and eleventh house lord with respect to the moon sign and occupies the eleventh house.…… (Read the forecast in details)


For the Gemini natives, Saturn is the eighth and ninth house lord with respect to the moon sign and occupies the ninth house.…… (Read the forecast in details)

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For the Cancer natives, Saturn is the seventh and eighth house lord with respect to the moon sign and occupies the eighth house…… (Read the forecast in details)


For the Leo natives, Saturn is the sixth and seventh house lord with respect to the moon sign and occupies the seventh house.…… (Read the forecast in details)


For the Virgo natives, Saturn is the fifth and sixth house lord and occupies the sixth house. On the career front, you may be able to fulfill your desires during Saturn…… (Read the forecast in details)


For the Libra natives, Saturn is the fourth and fifth house lord and occupies the fifth house with respect to the Moon sign. Due to the above…… (Read the forecast in details)


For the Scorpio natives, Saturn is the third and fourth house lord and occupies the fourth house with respect to the moon sign. Due to the above facts…… (Read the forecast in details)


For the Sagittarius natives, Saturn is the second and third house lord and occupies the third house with respect to the moon sign.…… (Read the forecast in details)


For the Capricorn natives, Saturn is the first and second house lord and occupies the second house with respect to the moon sign.…… (Read the forecast in details)


For the Aquarius natives, Saturn is the first and twelfth house lord and occupies the first house with respect to the moon sign.…… (Read the forecast in details)


For the Pisces natives, Saturn is the eleventh and twelfth house lord and occupies the twelfth house. Due to this, natives belonging to this…… (Read the forecast in details)

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