Saturn Turns Direct in Capricorn: Major Life Changes On Cards!

Saturn is the second-largest planet of the solar system. It is turning direct on 29th September 2020 at 5.40 AM in the morning in its own earthy sign Capricorn. Saturn is considered the planet of Karma and grants the results in accordance with the labor and hard work carried out by natives.  Truly following the one set rule of “As you do so shall you reap”!

This coldest planet has been moving in a Retrograde Motion since 11th May 2020 in the tenth sign of the zodiac, which is Capricorn. This vital shift in energy is expected to bring paramount changes for everybody.

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Planet Saturn is Astrology

In astrology, Saturn is the planet of vital importance. It is a good tutor and bestows blessings and punishments as per the deeds. Believing in blindfold judgment with an impartial eye is one of its qualities, this makes this planet exalted in the sign of balance, which is Libra.

Saturn brings patience, discipline, and hard work in an individual’s life. It represents the civil servants, elderly citizens, epidemics, and nations’ mortality rate as per the mundane astrology. This Direct motion of Saturn will impact the current situation of pandemic and will also cast its influence on the economic crisis.

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Saturn Direct in Capricorn: Attributes & Aftermath!

Saturn is currently positioned in the tenth house of Kaal Purush Horoscope. This is the house of profession, all the achievements, status, respect, position, and authority is seen from this house. It is the ‘Artha’ house and many auspicious Yogas are formed with the placement and conjunctions of planets in this Kendra. 

The retrogression of planets brings a face of reconsideration, reflection, revaluation, and relapsation of things and events. Saturn in specific affects productivity when in retrograde motion. While turning into direct motion it will bring management and regulation in the activities. Also, it will enlighten beings to move towards the right direction and kiss the shores of success with thorough dedication and diligent working.

As per the mundane effects, this direct motion of Saturn will bring new developments. It will also provide advancements in the existing policy. There will be a major impact on the mortality rate. Furthermore, it will enhance the generative capacity of the resources.

Saturn’s stationary movement will influence all the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Having a look into the effect of Saturn’s Direct Motion on our constellations.

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Impact on Saturn Turning Direct In Capricorn On All The Signs


This time will be favourable for your professional life, you will be able to resolve all the problems of the past. There will be good job opportunities for natives who are unemployed. The ambiance at home will improve, you will observe peacefulness between the relationships of the family members. However, you are advised to take care of your mother’s health during this time. 

Remedy : Donate Mustard oil at Shani Temple


There will be an improvement in your luck factor and you will achieve favorable results for your hard work. The students’ relations with their tutors may get bitter, therefore you are advised to take their teachings as learning and experiences of life, which will help you to be successful in your endeavors moving ahead. Your income will increase during this time, which will make a positive impact on your overall finances.

Remedy : A guided meditation will help in relieving all the negative thoughts from your mind.


The students who are into research will get auspicious results, their concentration and understanding of the subject will be outshining. There will be migration for some of the natives due to the transfer or switch of jobs. Your intuitive powers will enhance and you will be able to reflect and find solutions to all your major problems. You are advised to be particular about your eating habits else you might fall ill.

Remedy : Fasting on Saturdays will reduce the malefic impact.

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This will be favourable for the natives who are single, as you may meet your soulmate. All the works which were on hold in the past will start moving. Those who are in the partnership business will find some stability in their work. Working professionals may face some conflicts with their colleagues. The married individuals will have a better understanding with their spouse. 

Remedy : Walking barefoot on the green grass will bring positivity in life.


The working professionals will witness positive changes in their office ambiance and they will be able to take a stronghold in their work. You will receive respect and encouragement for your efficient work. Those who have business dealing with foreign clients will earn well. If fighting from a relapsed disease, then this time is potent to give recovery. The students appearing for competitive exams will do excellent.

Remedy : Serving the needy will be beneficial.

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The inclination of students will improve and they will work hard in their studies to achieve success. Those who had a problematic relationship with their beloved in the past will witness an improvement in their bond. Those who are looking forward to converting their hobbies into professions may face challenges. There will be an increase in earnings due to the expansion of sources.

Remedy : Worship Lord Vishnu


There will be comfort and contentment in your personal life and you will be able to sort out your differences with the family members. There will be shifting of the house for some of you. You may invest money in buying a property or vehicle. Those who own agricultural land may find some stagnancy in their work. If you have some court cases, then the results will be in your favour. 

Remedy : Chant ‘Om Shanicharaya Namah’.

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This will bring focus and determination, also your will power will increase. You will make the best of your efforts to achieve everything. There may be some differences with the superiors at your workplace, however, you will be able to convince them with your diligent work. Those who are in a romantic relationship may get hurt by their lover.

Remedy : Recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly


The natives who wish to migrate to places away from their homeland will be successful in making the move. There will be monetary gains and savings will also improve. You may have some conflicts with your immediate family. You may feel an inclination to study deep subjects like mythology or the occult. You should be careful about your speech since you might land up hurting your dear ones.

Remedy: Light a mustard oil lamp at Shani temple.

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This is the peak of Sade Sati for Capricorn natives, however, you will feel a little relaxed and your mental stress will reduce with this stationary movement of Saturn. You will try to look for hope in the near future. The married natives will need to spend more time with their better half, as they will be demanding. You should take care of your health.

Remedy: Recite Shani Chalisa


Business professionals having overseas connections will flourish. If stuck up in court cases, then you will get favourable results. Married individuals may face some coldness in their relationship with their spouse. You are advised to be thoughtful before speaking as your harsh words might destroy the peace at home. You will get opportunities to travel.

Remedy : Feed Chapati to a Black Dog.


There will be financial abundance in the lives of natives. There are good chances of increment and promotions. Your relationship with elder siblings will remain comfortable and you will respect each other’s opinions. There will be movement in the stuck up tasks, and you will be able to complete them smoothly with utmost perfection. 

Remedy : Respect elders and listen to hymns.

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