Saturn Direct: These Zodiacs Will Get Sudden Money Boost Before Diwali!

Saturn Direct: In Vedic astrology, Saturn holds a significant place in the celestial realm. Its every move influences all zodiac signs. Saturn entered Aquarius on June 17th, but now it’s about to go direct. That means, starting from November 4th, it will be back on its regular path. When Saturn Direct in Aquarius takes place, its impact will be felt on all twelve zodiac signs, but four signs are destined to experience a windfall of happiness.

With this blog by AstroSage, let us learn about the planet Saturn, its direct movement in Aquarius, and the four zodiac signs that will get a sudden boost of money before Diwali!

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Saturn Direct in Aquarius As Per Vedic Astrology

Saturn, the second-largest planet in our solar system, holds a significant place in Vedic astrology. Known as Shani in Sanskrit, Saturn represents discipline, karma, responsibility, and the lessons we must learn in this lifetime. Its movements in the celestial sphere are closely observed by astrologers, as they can have profound effects on individuals and the world at large.

In January 2023, Saturn embarked on a journey through the zodiac sign of Aquarius, marking a crucial astrological event. Saturn’s transit in Aquarius, which will last until 2025, has captured the attention of astrologers and enthusiasts alike.

Aquarius, ruled by the planet of justice and karma, Saturn itself, is an air sign known for its forward-thinking, humanitarian, and unconventional qualities. Saturn’s presence in Aquarius prompts us to evaluate our responsibilities to society, emphasizing the need for collective growth and transformation.

Hence, Saturn Direct in Aquarius is particularly noteworthy, as it signifies a period of increased clarity and focus regarding the themes associated with Saturn and Aquarius. This transit encourages us to tackle challenges head-on, bringing structure and discipline to our innovative endeavors. It can also inspire us to work together for the greater good, fostering social and technological advancements.

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Saturn Direct In Aquarius: These Zodiacs Will Get Rich Before Diwali 2023!


For those born under Taurus, the period from November 4th onwards is poised to be exceptionally auspicious. During this time, Saturn Direct’s blessings will open new avenues for career advancement. Those grappling with financial troubles will find relief, and even entrepreneurs can expect a stroke of good luck.

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Gemini individuals might face some delays in completing their tasks, but rest assured, they will ultimately succeed. Solutions to financial issues will emerge, and your path to advancement will remain intact. Challenges may arise, but so will the means to overcome them.

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As Saturn direct takes place, Leo natives will also reap special benefits. Financial situations will improve, bringing stability. Business ventures will see significant progress, with some sealing lucrative deals. The opportunity to gain from ancestral property will also be on the horizon.

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Virgo natives should brace themselves for a somewhat challenging period of Saturn Direct. Adversaries will be in full force, causing tension and stress. But remember, it’s just a phase, and you will emerge stronger from it.

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As Diwali approaches, these four zodiac signs can look forward to a change in their fortunes, thanks to Saturn Direct. While some will experience financial gains and career advancements, others may have to weather temporary challenges. But remember, in the grand cosmic dance, the wheel of fortune is ever-turning, and your stars are aligning for a brighter future. So, keep your spirits high and let the festivities of Diwali light up your life.

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