Saturn Combust in Aquarius Soon: All Zodiacs Must Pay Attention To These Aspects Of Life!

Saturn in Astrology is often referred to as the Lord of Karma or Justice. It is a cold, barren and dry planet. Saturn is the biggest and the slowest planet in the Solar system. It is often associated with old age. Saturn or Shani is considered a malefic planet by nature but if it is placed positively in someone’s horoscope it can bless the native with numerous luxuries of life. It is a well known fact that Saturn delays but never denies. Saturn is a significator of delays, constraints, restriction, tradition, age, grief and misfortune. It reminds us of our boundaries, responsibilities and commitment. It is a hard taskmaster. Saturn is transiting  in Aquarius and will become Combust in Aquarius on 30th Jan, 2023 at 00:02 AM.

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We, at Astrosage, want to give our readers an insightful piece of content to read which may benefit in understanding the impact of Saturn combustion on their lives. Saturn is the largest planet of the Solar system. The ringed giant is the slowest moving planet and stays in one sign for 2.5 years. For this reason, its transit, combustion and all events related to the transit show a major impact on all the major events happening around the world and in our country as well as on each individual person on Earth. 

Combustion of any planet is said to occur if it comes in close proximity to the Sun. The degree of combustion is different for different planets. Saturn comes within 15 degrees range of the Sun, it is believed to be Combust. Natives are likely to experience unfavorable events during this phase according to the placement of Saturn and aspects of different planets in their natal chart.

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Impact On Zodiac Signs During Saturn Combust In Aquarius


The area of concern for you could be your friends, elder siblings, your colleagues and social gatherings and financial gains as Saturn becomes Combust. Business owners might struggle to crack any big deals or get long term projects. Any pending payments might take a longer time to clear. Gains could suffer. Job seekers or people looking to switch jobs might have to wait a little longer for better opportunities to knock at the door. Your relationship with your friends, colleagues, and elder siblings could suffer. Be watchful of what you say. Your social image might get tainted. You are advised to exercise caution.  


For Taurus natives any ongoing projects might get delayed as your professional life could suffer during Saturn Combust in Aquarius. People in private jobs may have to wait a little to find the right career growth. People involved in business may struggle to get new deals. People in government jobs may have issues with their boss or higher authorities. You might feel pressured at work and will feel the need to take a break. 

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Higher studies and work related travel or any kind of journeys must have your attention as you could suffer in these areas during Saturn’s combustion phase. Pay close attention to your father’s health as it could be a matter of concern during Saturn combust. Your plans of moving forward with higher studies might experience some delays and frustrations as Saturn becomes Combust. Work related travel could be delayed or you might experience problems during journeys and delays in plans. Some arguments or conflicts are possible with younger siblings. 


The major area of concern for Cancer natives during Saturn Combustion could be all things related to the 8th house. You could experience sudden and unfavorable events related to the 8th house matters. You could experience a strained relationship with your in-laws which could also affect your married life adversely. The 8th house is also the house of sudden events so sudden gains or sudden losses are expected. You could find yourself getting drawn towards the mystic or the spiritual world. Your savings might drain out or you might have a hard time saving your money. Do keep a watch on your expenditure.


The lord of the 7th house being combust in the 7th house means minor conflicts and problems in relationships or between business partners. There could be misunderstandings regarding business and between business partners. Your partner could question your decisions regarding business. People involved in private sector jobs could face troubles with their team members or have troubles getting their team to agree on a decision they came up with.


The lord of the 6th house getting combust in the 6th house itself means you could face an increased and fierce competition. If any legal cases are pending then the result could go against you or you could land in some legal troubles. Students will have to put in immense efforts to earn good grades. You could face an increased competition if you were expecting a promotion. Your co-workers could try to put you down.


The lord of the 5th house being combust in the 5th house means trouble in relationships, love affairs. You could land in an argument with your children. They might act difficult. Students could find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. You could face trouble in friendships or your social circle. You are advised to pay your installments for any ongoing loans on time and not borrow money from anyone during this period. 


Saturn combust in 4th house along with the Scorpio natives going through Dhaiya certainly means trouble with the mother. Your relationship with your mother could suffer or your mother could face health troubles. Please be cautious. You could face issues while buying a property. People involved in real estate could face troubles at work. Your agricultural land could get into trouble. Business could incur losses and people could face financial troubles.

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You could face troubles in journeys related to work as Saturn is combust in the 3rd house. Your journeys related to work would not yield desired results. Spiritual journeys would not be as peaceful as you would expect them to be. You could encounter problems with siblings. Students applying for higher studies or waiting for results might face disappointments or delays. 


Saturn is being Combust in the 2nd house of communication. You are advised to be thoughtful in your communication as your words might end up hurting your family members. Your family business could run into losses as there could be conflicts between family members related to business. Financial losses are expected and it is best to not be involved in speculative business or not invest in the stock market within this time period as Saturn aspects your 8th house of losses. 


Ascendant lord getting combust in ascendant with an ongoing 2nd phase of Sade Sati speaks trouble for Aquarius natives in aspects with marriage work and younger siblings. The mounting pressure at work would be too much for you to handle. You could face troubles with bosses or higher authorities. Your married life will also go through a rough phase and in certain cases depending upon the planetary placements in your natal chart there could be a divorce too. Your relationship with your siblings and your health could also be an area of concern.


As Pisces natives are already running in the 1st phase of Sade Sati and now Saturn is being Combust in the 12th house this means Pisces natives might be facing financial troubles during this phase and debts would also increase for them. Your earnings could see a sudden dip or you might not get the increment you were expecting. Your savings could also diminish greatly. This phase may also lead you into some form of spirituality as all the hardships you go through will bring you some sort of a spiritual awakening. Business owners are advised not to invest money into foreign lands as you may not get the money back. People involved in export import business should also exercise caution. 

Remedies For Saturn To Give Benefic Impacts

  • Recite the Mantra for Saturn ‘Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’ 108 times every Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Donate black gram or Black gram Khichdi to the poor.
  • Feed the poor and differently abled people.
  • Respect your elders and make donations in old age homes
  • Worship Lord Shiva daily.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.

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