Saturn Combust In Aquarius Slows The Stock Market & Global Events!

A cold and barren planet, Saturn is oftentimes referred to as the lord of Karma or justice in Vedic Astrology. It makes one work hard and slog to get the desired results and it takes a lot to face the wrath of Saturn. It is related to morality, justice, a career, life accomplishments, qualities, and ideals. It also symbolizes a problem with foresight or long-term planning. If an individual does not work hard or takes a shortcut then Saturn punishes in its own, strict way.

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According to astrology, Saturn is all about your moral duties and power. It manifests itself in how you manage responsibility, establish boundaries, and carry out other adult-related tasks in daily life. You can better comprehend how it affects your daily life by understanding what your Saturn sign implies. 

AstroSage welcomes you to the arcane world of Astrology through this blog on Saturn Combust in Aquarius. We will give our readers a deep understanding about date, timing, and effects of planetary movements on worldwide events. We will also talk about how it would affect India and the stock market as well.

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Saturn In Aquarius: Characteristics 

Saturn also rules Aquarius so when it is placed in its own sign, the results are mostly positive. Aquarius natives are more like water, being adjustable and accommodating. They are quite flexible and justice loving. They are compassionate too, and love to serve others. They have a good judgment of right and wrong. They also have a strong desire to lead. In fact, they tend to show the right path to others. Their social circle is huge and varied in nature. 

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Saturn in Aquarius gives a strong power of concentration. These natives are democratic and believe in equality. Their approach in life is backed by practicality. They work hard, often towards betterment of themselves as well as others.

Saturn Combust In Aquarius: Time

Saturn is a very important planet in Astrology after Jupiter in astrology as it is the lord of Karma and keeps track of an individual’s good and bad deeds. Saturn is currently transiting in its Mooltrikona sign and is now set to become combust in the same zodiac sign on 11th February, 2024 at 1:55 hrs.

Saturn Combust In Aquarius: Worldwide Impacts

Automobiles & Other Petroleum Products

  • During Saturn combust in Aquarius some major issues in the manufacturing of heavy vehicles could be highlighted and the MNC’s linked with R&D and manufacturing of automobiles will be busy with solving the issues.
  • The Indian government may bring in policies to impose certain restrictions regarding the usage of diesel vehicles.
  • The prices of petrol, diesel and other petroleum products such as LPG, etc could be cut down to a certain extent during Saturn combust in Aquarius.

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Law & Order 

  • Due to Saturn being combust in Aquarius certain events could highlight some loopholes in the Indian Judiciary System.
  • There could be an implementation of certain rules and regulations regarding social media too.
  • Some major cases impacting the country’s economy and other sectors could be highlighted.

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Business & International Ties 

  • Business opportunities from the south eastern direction or south eastern countries may arise.
  • Saturn combust could slow down talks of strengthening Indian ties with the western countries and countries in the south east slightly.
  • The overall business scenario in the country may improve. 
  • There may be slow growth in certain sectors like Mining, Iron industries, leather industries, Petroleum industry, etc.
  • There could be a slight decline in people indulging in spiritual activities worldover and this could impact the sale of religious products impacting the demand & supply ratio.

Saturn Combust In Aquarius: Stock Market Report

Saturn becomes combust in Aquarius and being an important part of the celestial sphere, it is bound to have some effects on the market. You can read the Stock Market Predictions by AstroSage in detail if you wish to. For a sneak peak on the market, read on to know further: 

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  • There will be a bullish phase at the start of February.
  • After the mid of the month of February the market will show signs of weakness with stocks crashing. 
  • The market will go through a lot of fluctuations during the end or the last week of the month.
  • Some shares will be bullish and some will be bearish (meaning slow). Tata Power, Reliance Power, Power Transmission and Cable Industries, Automobile, Rubber Industry, Heavy Engineering, Tosco, Parts, Birsala Erection, Tea Coffee, Heavy Industries, Cement Industry, Chemical Industry, ONGC, Woolen, Textile, and other companies are projected to grow. 
  • On the other hand, a few drawbacks may be observed in the perfume and cosmetic industry, banks, financial companies, vegetable industry, software information technology, tobacco industry, paper industry, public sector, and pharmaceutical industry.

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