Saturn Combusts: These Zodiacs’ Career Is In Jeopardy!

Saturn Combust In Aquarius: In the world of astrology, Saturn is one of the most important planets and it is described as the planet that gives results of one’s deeds and gives results to a person according to his deeds. When Saturn transits, it brings ups and downs in the lives of the natives of 12 zodiac signs and a person’s life is also getting affected by the setting and rising of Saturn. This time in the month of February, Saturn is setting in his own zodiac, Aquarius and due to this, there is a possibility of decline in the career of some zodiac signs. 

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When Saturn sets in Aquarius, the natives of some zodiac signs may have to face difficulties in their workplace. There is also a possibility that despite their best efforts, they may not get the auspicious results of their hard work.  

In this blog further, we are going to showcase the zodiacs that may witness a negative impact in their career due to the Saturn combat in Aquarius, but before that it is very important to know on which date Saturn is setting in Aquarius. 

When Is Saturn Combusting In Aquarius? 

On 11th February, 2024 at 01:55 pm, Saturn is combusting in Aquarius. This year, the planet Saturn is going to be situated in its own zodiac sign, Aquarius and it is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Because of this, people may see delays in their work and the profits will be registered slowly. 

So, it’s time to know about the zodiac signs that may witness a downfall in their career due to the Saturn combustion in Aquarius. 


During this period, the people of Aries zodiac signs will not be too satisfied with their work and they may also witness a delay in their work. And if any of you are waiting for getting a promotion then that also can get a bit delayed. Your decisions can get stuck in the matters of your job and you may also feel that you are in a slump. 

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The natives of the Taurus zodiac may have to witness certain challenges in getting advantage of their career. Even after hundreds of efforts, you may not feel satisfied with your work and whatever efforts you put in your work may not get the recognition you deserve at your workplace. You may feel stressed and disturbed from these things. Your colleagues may also act or behave against you. This time may get difficult for you. 

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For the Virgo natives who are employed, it might be difficult for them to get success at their workplace and there may be a lot of challenges awaiting. You may get a lot of work pressure, due to which you may even think of switching your jobs and to get rid of this work pressure also, there may be several challenges for you. Your co-workers might also go against you which can disturb you a lot. 

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Libra natives may have to go through certain problems in their career and there are chances that you may not be satisfied with your work this year. And due to the dissatisfaction, you may also not be able to make a strategy for your future. You may even think of switching your jobs as well. 

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Due to the Saturn combustion in Aquarius, a lot of zodiac signs’ careers are going to get disturbed. Now, for the scorpio natives, you may not be too happy with your work and on top of that, you will feel work pressure on you as well. And due to all of these things, you may feel stressed or tense. Your senior may also get a bit strict with you so it would be best if you focus on your work only. 

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For the Sagittarius natives, this is the time of testing. There can be work pressure on you, due to which you may feel a lot tired. The people working with you may also get obstacles in their way. It is advised that you strategize to beat your opponent and you need to work hard in order to gain success in life. 

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For the Pisces natives as well, Saturn will combust in Aquarius. To move ahead and make progress in your career, you might think of switching your jobs. There are chances that the hard work may not pay off and you may not be able to get the recognition of your hard work and you may get stressed due to these things. 

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