Saturn Combust In Aquarius: Health Troubles For Natives Of 4 Zodiacs!

Saturn Combust in Aquarius: The transit of planets is given special importance in Vedic astrology. As a planet moves its position from one zodiac sign to another, it creates impacts on all the 12 zodiacs. Similarly, the rise and combust of planets have varied effects on natives of different zodiac signs. 

In February 2024, Saturn will combust in Aquarius and it will affect the health of different zodiacs. This AstroSage blog provides readers with relevant information on zodiacs that will face health troubles due to Saturn’s combust motion in Aquarius zodiac. But, before that let us know about the date of Saturn’s combust and the importance of Saturn in astrology. 

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Time Of Saturn Combust In Aquarius

On 11 February 2024, Saturn combust in Aquarius will happen at 01:55 am. With the Saturn combust, Sagittarius natives will get relief from Shani Sadesati, and for the Capricorn natives, the second phase of Shani Sadesati will end. The first phase of Shani Sadesati will end in the Aquarius zodiac and its first phase starts in the Pisces zodiac. In the same period, the Libra and Scorpio zodiac sign will get relief from Shani Dhaiya and the eighth Shani Dhaiya begins for the Cancer zodiac sign. 

Saturn Combust In Aquarius: Saturn in Vedic Astrology 

In astrology, Saturn is considered to be the factor of Karma. The Shani lord is providing suitable results to natives as per their deeds. This means that persons doing bad deeds will get the inauspicious effects of the Shani Dev and the individuals performing good deeds will get the blessing of lord Saturn. 

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The planet Saturn is the symbol of justice and discipline. Lord Shani also prevents the natives from taking the wrong path in life and guides them across the right path. The planet is providing teachings like a teacher and also punishes people for their deeds. 

So, let us move ahead and learn about the zodiac signs who may face health troubles due to Saturn Combust in Aquarius. 

Saturn Combust In Aquarius: List Of Zodiacs That Will Face Health Concerns 


According to Saturn Combust in Aquarius, the natives might not face any major health issues but can be troubled with pain in their legs due to stress. The Aries natives might be troubled with anxiety and nervousness. Their mind will be surrounded by insecure feelings. But, sometimes there are chances of minor health troubles for the Aries natives. 

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The Cancer natives may continue to face different health troubles due to Saturn Combust. During this period, there might be complaints related to leg pain or gas. As per Saturn Combust in Aquarius, the natives need to be careful in tackling their health issues appropriately. It is advised to take the right steps to keep your health safe and protected for a longer period. 

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According to Saturn Combust, there are chances of health deterioration during this period. Due to this, there are chances of back pain and thus need to provide the right kind of treatment. There may be sleeping troubles for the Scorpio natives due to the Saturn combust and contact the professionals to take the relevant health advice related to it. 

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The Sagittarius natives may face varied health concerns because of Saturn Combust in Aquarius. In this period, the natives may face complaints of tooth and leg pain. There are also signs of decline in immunity for the natives and this can result in various health troubles.

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