Saturn 2023: If You Are Suffering From These Diseases, Saturn Might Be The Reason!

Saturn 2023: AstroSage endeavors to produce quality content and also strives hard to bring even the smallest of Astrological events, planetary movements and conjunctions to the forefront for its readers to be able to stay updated from time to time about the latest happenings. In this blog we talk about the kinds of diseases caused by Saturn if it is negatively placed in the horoscope or in conjunction with other planets and the precautions along with the remedies. 

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Saturn’s Significance in Astrology

Saturn is one of the most feared planets in the Indian Vedic Astrology. We see many people flinch just at the mere mention of its name. The ‘fear’ is mostly associated with the fact that Saturn is referred to as the ‘Lord of Karma’ and thought to be giving negative results most of the time, which in truth is far from reality. Saturn can bless a person with immense authority, power, luxury, fame and success if posited beneficially. However, if it is negatively placed or in a malefic aspect then Saturn even has the power to wreak havoc in your life and pull you from riches to rags. There is one important thing to note here though, Saturn being the Lord of Karma will get at you if ever you follow the wrong path whether it is positive or negative in your horoscope so, Beware. 

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Diseases Caused by Saturn in the Horoscope

True to its slow pace and the malefic nature, diseases given by Saturn are majorly long lasting, chronic diseases which spread slowly but may have deadly impacts on a human body.Saturn rules over bones, legs, teeth, muscles, hair, joints, intestines, spleen, nails, etc amongst the body parts. Saturn is said to cause ‘Vata Rog’ as it is airy in nature. Saturn is a cold and dry planet and the diseases it gives are mostly of this nature such as cold, phlegm and asthma, etc. Let us read in detail about what other diseases Saturn can give us. 

  • Saturn is a special disease causing planet and can give us long term chronic diseases
  • Congenital diseases are mostly caused by Saturn. Apart from this diseases related to poor digestion or low vitality are all results of an ill placed Saturn. 
  • Arthritis, Joint pain, Osteoporosis, Rheumatism,  Bone cancer, etc are some of the common diseases Saturn can be blamed for as Saturn rules over the bones in our body.
  • As Saturn even rules over muscles, and nerves it can give incurable diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Movement defects, Muscular Dystrophy, Myositis,etc. 

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  • Diseases which may leave you disabled in some way or the other are also caused by Saturn such as Leprosy, Paralysis, Dementia, Organ malfunction, Liver diseases and Liver Cancer, Wobbly Feet, Lymphatic Filariasis, etc.
  • Incurable diseases of legs and feet, some diseases of the colon, rectum and intestines and also some mental illnesses are caused due to Saturn’s malefic positioning in an individual’s horoscope.

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Precautions for Weak or Malefic Saturn in Horoscope

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to hygiene in your daily life.
  • Early morning sit under the Peepal tree for 15-20 mins and meditate.
  • The house should be clean and properly ventilated. Clean the house using salt water every Saturday.
  • Donate black sesame, urad dal and mustard oil every Saturday to the poor to ward off the negative effects of Saturn.
  • Recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily for beneficial impacts of Saturn. 

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