Ill Effects Of Donating These Items On Saturdays

As per the beliefs of Sanatan Dharma, the day of Saturday is specially dedicated to Lord Saturn, who is considered to be the offspring of Lord Sun, but Surya Dev refused to acknowledge him (Saturn) as his son due to his dark complexion. 

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As per astrology, Saturn is considered to be a sinner and, therefore, its presence mostly gives negative results. However, in certain special cases, it proves to be benevolent but in most circumstances, it is woeful. Shani Devta resides in the navel of human beings and it is also considered to be the justice of all three worlds (Loks). This is the very reason that it gives results to the people as per their deeds (Karmas) and therefore, you are advised to remain extremely careful on Saturdays so that you will not come in the orbit of Shani’s fury. In this regard, we will let you know about those things which if donated or gifted, are bound to harm you.   

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Pearl, Imarti, or Any Orange Colour Items

You must neither donate pearls nor any ornaments fabricated of the same or give gifts to anyone. Donation of Imartis or any orange colour items is prohibited. It is believed that Shani Devta becomes furious by doing so and this may result a person meet with an accident or he/she may die.  


Scissor may not be gifted to any of the relatives or any other person on Saturdays. This may lead to a rift with your relatives and there are chances of discord in the family. 


Silver or ornaments of silver should not be gifted or donated on Saturdays. As a result, you can confront the financial crisis. 

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Jasmine Perfume

Do not donate or gift jasmine perfume on Saturdays as it may have a negative impact on your health. 

Red Pen or Red Clothes

If items such as red pen or red clothes donated on Saturdays, turn Saturn angry. Such people may have to face disgrace in the social circle and therefore, beware of donating these items.  

Copper Utensils 

Avoid donating copper utensils on Saturdays as it may lead to loss or instability in the business.  

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White Clothes

Donation of white colour clothes can be a cause of discord in your family. Also, there are chances of differences in your married life.   


If you donate chocolate on Saturdays then it may destabilize you.

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