Saturday Remedies: Put An End To Your Miseries

Saturday, as we all know, is considered the day of Lord Shani. The planet Saturn can procure both positive and negative impacts in the lives of natives. The negative influences can prove to be malignant as they bring forward severe turbulence in an individual’s life. If a certain individual is going through Saturn’s sade sati and Shani Dhaiya, then he/she can get rid of the malefic impacts of Saturn by observing some remedies on Saturdays. Through this article, we will enlighten you about specific remedies to observe on Saturdays which not only helps one to curb the negative effects of Saturn, but also enables one to turn his/her misfortune into fortune. Now, let us have a look at those remedies which will help the natives to keep his/her ill luck at bay.

Special Saturday Remedies to get Desirable Results

According to Vedic Astrology, a person succeeds in each and every aspect of life if he/she obtains the favour of Lord Shani. On the contrary, a person faces many hindrances in life when Saturn adds negative burdens in his/her Kundali. It is believed that Saturn works in accordance with a person’s deeds. However, it is advised to please Lord Shani and observe certain remedies on Saturdays to eliminate the persistent problems of one’s life. Now, let us read the remedies.

  • In order to obtain positive results from the planet Saturn and enhance one’s intelligence and knowledge prowess, student natives are advised to write “ūṃ  hṛīṃ/ऊं हृीं” with a pen made from pomegranate tree’s branch on an eating utensil and offer prayers. By doing so on Saturdays, they will experience favourable results.
  • It is advised to offer black sesame seeds, flour and sugar to ants on Saturdays to obtain the blessings of Lord Shani and receive overall success in life.
  • Feeding bread (roti) to black cows and dogs and offering food to birds on Saturdays will help one to curb the negative effects of Saturn.
  • One can also feed oil-rich food to a needy person on Saturday as it helps the person to receive blessings from Lord Shani.
  • In order to eliminate the obstacles created by Saturn in life, one should wear a ring made of a black horse nail or a boat nail on Saturdays. By doing so, one can procure fruitful results.
  • In order to fulfill your unaccomplished desires, you should take a silk red thread according to your height and wash it well with water on a Saturday evening. After doing so, you should take some mango leaves and wrap them with the same thread and finally put it in a river. The successful completion of this task will lead to the fulfilment of your wishes.
  • People who are undergoing Saturn’s sade sati and Saturn’s Dhaiya should worship a peepal tree and take seven circles around the same tree. While doing so, “ūṃ śaṃ śanaiścarāya nama:”/  “ऊं शं शनैश्चराय नम:”, should be chanted as it will provide favorable results.

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  • It is also advised to read the Hanuman Chalisa on Saturday to gain protection from the malefic effects of Saturn and receive favourable results.
  • If you are dealing with a financially adverse situation, then light a four faced lamp under a Peepal tree on Saturdays as it negates your economic problems and brings happiness and prosperity to your family.
  • One can donate black gram, black lentils (urad dal) and black clothes on Saturdays in order to attain protection from the negative impacts of Saturn.
  • It would be beneficial to wear black clothes, if you are going for some special work on a Saturday.
  • In order to eliminate Saturn’s sade sati and Saturn’s dhaiya, it is advised to offer blue flowers to Lord Shani and offer prayers to him on Saturdays regularly while chanting, “oṃ śaṃ śanaiścarāya namaḥ”/ “ऊं शं शनैश्चराय नम:” 108 times.
  • Various health troubles come to an end if water stored in a copper vessel and mixed with sesame seeds is offered to Lord Shiva.

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Above given are some remedies which can be implemented to pacify Saturn and curb its malefic effects. One important thing to keep in mind is that the Saturn’s sade sati impacts a person’s life for a period of seven and a half years. During this period, a person may go through many disastrous situations caused due to the negative impacts of Saturn. The remedies given above can be of great help as they will help one to get out of complex and disturbing situations. On the other hand, if a person’s Kundli is under the beneficial influence of Saturn, then its sade sati may prove to be favourable for him/her.

We hope to benefit you from this article of ours. AstroSage wishes the best of luck for your future.


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