Sarabananda Sonowal’s Fate in Upcoming Assam Elections!

Sarbananda sonowal is another one in the BJP queuing in the league of unmarried gentlemen. Modi, Yogi and we are hearing this name daily Mr. Sonowal. 

He was born on 31-10-1961 and is not yet married. Below is his horoscope. 

He is Kumbha lagna native with Ketu in the lagna. He is not yet married. The 7th cusp sub lord is rahu. It is in the star of ketu. There is no denial of marriage in the horoscope as such. He might have chosen not to marry for any number of reasons which is not our concern. 

He is now running the mahadasha of Moon and the antara is of Saturn. There is clear cut punarphoo in his horoscope and he is going through the dasah of the same planets. 

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He became the CM of assam on 24th May 2016 when he was in the period of Moon- Moon. Moon in his horoscope is palced in the star of Saturn and in the sub of rahu. Moon and rahu are in the 6th bhava giving him an edge over others and also moon is palced in own sign. 

Again, the antara lord Saturn is placed in the 11th bhava in the placidus chart and it is in the star of Sun and in the sub of Rahu. Here there is a connectivity of 12-1-6-7-11 houses from the lagna. 

Assam is again going into election very soon. With such a good combination of houses one can only win. It does not seem probable that people will not vote him to be the CM again. 

It is really funny to observe that where ever BJP forms a government they usually rule for 2-3 times whether it is gujrat , MP or Chhattisgarh and may be some I am missing. Assamese people are very loving and simple people. They are not having the cunningness as I have lived there for almost a year at some point of time. 

The another thing to note is that he is having the transit of Saturn and Jupiter over his natal Saturn and Jupiter in capricorn. Jupiter will move to his ascendant on 7th of April 2021 giving him an edge of God to win the upcoming elections. 

The moon mahadasha will change in the December month of 2025 and he will be the CM at least till then. 

As per the ECI, the last phase of polls will be as under:

Phase 3

Number of seats- 40

Issue of notification- March 12

Last date of nomination- March 19

Scrutiny of nomination- March 20

Last date of withdrawal of nomination- March 22

Date of the poll- April 6 (Tuesday)

It will be interesting to note that in this polling BJP will do better than the earlier two poll dates as Jupiter will change for Mr Sonowal. 

Best of luck to all candidates and parties!


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