Santan Saptami 2022: Santan Saptami Fast Will Be Observed This Year-Know Date & Puja Vidhi!

On Saptami Tithi of Shukla Paksha, of the Bhadrapada month, women observe a fast for their children or for attaining a child. It is known as Santan Saptami. Women majorly observe this fast for a happy and prosperous life of their children. On this day, Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva are worshiped. This year, this auspicious occasion of Santan Saptami will be celebrated on 3 September, Saturday.

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Today, through our special blog, we will provide you with some insightful information about Santan Saptami Vrat. Also, we will enlighten you with the right method to observe this fast and the mythology associated with it. But first, let’s find out the Shubh Muhurat for Santan Saptami 2022.

Santan Saptami 2022: Auspicious Muhurat

Bhadrapada Shukla Saptami Begins- 2 September 2022, at 01:51 pm

Bhadrapada Shukla Saptami Ends- 3 September 2022, at 12:28 pm

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These Auspicious Yogas Are Forming On Santan Saptami 2022

Santan Saptami, also known as Santan Sante, Aparajita Saptami, and Muktabharan Saptami, will be very special this year. The reason being, a very auspicious Yoga called Amrit, is being formed on Santan Saptami 2022.

This day will be a Saturday and the Nakshatra will be Anuradha, due to which this very pious Yoga called Amrit is forming on this day. In this regard, if a woman observes the Santan Saptami fast, all her wishes for her child will be fulfilled.

Santan Saptami 2022: Fast Significance

This fast is important and primarily observed by women who don’t have a child. Besides this, Santan Saptami fast also holds special significance for women who have children but they suffer from problems in life, like unhappiness, bad luck, illness, etc. It is believed that by observing this fast, all the problems, sadness, and negativity from your child’s life are eliminated. The most special element of this fast is that it is observed by the parents together, for their children.

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Santan Saptami Puja Vidhi

  • Wake up early on this day, take a bath, and take the vow of fasting and worshiping.
  • Now spread a clean red cloth on the area of worship and establish the idols of Lord Shiva and his family.
  • Then put an urn filled with water in the Puja and put coconut and mango tree leaves on it.
  • Light a pure Ghee lamp while worshiping and offer flowers, rice, Paan, betel, etc.
  • Offer clothes to Lord Shiva.
  • The Bhog for this day is either Puri-Kheer, or sweets made of flour and jaggery. So, you must include them in the Puja.
  • You must listen to Santan Saptami Vrat Katha while observing this fast.
  • In the end, perform the Aarti.

For your information, only fruits are eaten while fasting on this day. Women can open the fast in the evening after worshiping Lord Shiva again.

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Mythology Associated With Santan Saptami

In ancient times, Chandramukhi, the wife of the King of Nahush Ayodhyapuri, and Rupvati, the wife of a Brahmin named Vishnudatt, were living in the same region and were good friends. One day, both of them went to bathe in the Saryu river where they saw many women worshiping Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. On asking, they got to know that those women are observing the Santan Saptami fast. After this, they both also wished for child-related happiness and took the vow to observe this fast.

However, after coming back home, both of them forgot about the fast. When they died,  the queen took rebirth as a female monkey while the Brahmin’s wife was born as a hen. After this lifetime as animals, they were again born in the human form. In this birth, Chandramukhi became the queen of the king of Mathura, whose name was Ishwari and the Brahmin’s name was Bhushana.

Both of them loved each other in this life as well. Bhushana remembered the vow of reincarnation and observed this fast in this birth, and this is why she gave birth to 8 children in this life. But the queen forgot to observe a fast in this life too and therefore, she could not bear a child. One day Ishwari was unhappy because of not having a child and when she saw Bhushana with her eight children, she planned to kill her children.

But with the blessings of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, Bhushna’s children were safe. Ishwari realized her mistake and she asked Bhushna how her children were safe despite her efforts to kill them. Then Bhushana reminded her of the rebirth and the resolution of the fast made then and said that it is the effect of the Santana Saptami fast that nothing happened to her children.

After this, the queen also observed this fast, which resulted in the birth of a beautiful baby in their house after 9 months. It is said that it is since then that the tradition of observing this fast to get children and protect them started.

Santan Saptami: Unfailing Remedies

  • For the happy and prosperous life of your child, take 7 sweet Puri and tie them in a banana leaf, and worship Lord Shiva and Maa Gaura.
  • Offer bananas to Lord Shiva while worshiping, or wear a cotton thread or silver bangle while worshiping. It is believed that by performing this simple remedy, you can attain a child or fulfill your wish for your child’s bright future.

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