Ravidas Jayanti Special: Enlighten Your Mind With Guru Ravidas’ Dohas

As per the Hindu Panchang, Sant Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on Purnima of Magha month. This year, it is going to be celebrated on February 27, Saturday.

He was born in a village near Varanasi in the year about 1450. His mother’s name was Kalsa Devi and father’s name was Shri Santokh Das. As per the most prevailing thing about Sant Ravidas, it is said he never discriminated among people and always imparted the teachings to live in harmony and peace.  

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Significance of Taking a Bath on Sant Ravidas Jayanti

As per the beliefs, the followers of Sant Ravidas take a bath in holy rivers on his birth anniversary and draw inspiration from the teachings and events of his life. There are several incidents concerning the life of Sant Ravidas Ji that throw a light to lead a perfect and peaceful life. His followers celebrate this day as an annual festival and lakhs and lakhs of devotees gather at his birth place. Many grand festivals are organised and his couplets are recited on this very day. Also, devotional worship (Bhajan-Kirtan) is performed and people take inspiration through his spoken verses.      

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 How did Ravidas Become a Saint?

As per the prevailing legend about Sant Ravidas, it is said that once, he was playing with his friend. On the following day, Sant Ravidas Ji came to the same place but his friend did not come. In this regard, he decided to search him out but he had no idea that his friend had already died. As soon as he heard this news, he was deeply pained and went to the place where the dead body was lying and whispered that it was not the time to play, not to sleep. On hearing this, his friend got up.  

It is believed that it happened because Sant Ravidas was blessed with supernatural powers from early childhood and people started believing in his powers from the same day. With the passage of time, he started spending most of his time in the worship of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna and became a saint by following the practices of religious deeds.     

The birth anniversary of Sant Ravi Das, full of supernatural powers, is celebrated on the day of Magha Purnima. It is said that he used to mend shoes of people since his childhood. He always taught not to discriminate among others on the basis of religion, caste and creed and there should be togetherness among all. People still follow his teachings and draw lessons from them. Let us know some of the couplets on his birth anniversary whose significance is still considered to be the best.

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  •  मन चंगा तो कठौती में गंगा / mana caṃgā to kaṭhautī meṃ gaṃgā: – This couplet is considered to be the most famous one. The meaning of this Doha is that if somebody has a pious and pure heart, Ganga imbibes in them.
  • ब्राह्मण मत पूजिए जो होवे गुणहीन, पूजिए चरण चंडाल के जो होने गुण प्रवीन: / brāhmaṇa mata pūjie jo hove guṇahīna, pūjie caraṇa caṃḍāla ke jo hone guṇa pravīna: –  This couplet states that one should not be worshipped because of their higher post or caste but they should be worshipped because of their good qualities, deeds and knowledge.
  • मन ही पूजा मन ही धूप, मन ही सेऊं सहज स्वरूप: / mana hī pūjā mana hī dhūpa, mana hī seūṃ sahaja svarūpa: – In this couplet, Ravidas Ji conveys that God dwells in the souls of those who do not think ill of others and have purity in their hearts. Also, their mind is considered to be a ray of enlightenment.
  • रविदास जन्म के कारनै, होत न कोउ नीच, नकर कूं नीच करि डारि है, ओछे करम की कीच: / ravidāsa janma ke kāranai, hota na kou nīca, nakara kūṃ nīca kari ḍāri hai, oche karama kī kīca: – This Doha states that there should be no discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and religion and everybody should be treated equally. A person has to be judged through his/her deeds and therefore, we all should focus on performing good deeds.  
  • रैदास कहै जाकै हदै, रहे रैन दिन राम, सो भगता भगवंत सम, क्रोध न व्यापै काम: / raidāsa kahai jākai hadai, rahe raina dina rāma, so bhagatā bhagavaṃta sama, krodha na vyāpai kāma: – In this couplet, Sant Ravidas throws a light on devotional worship. He says that one who chants the name of Ram, is blessed with his intelligence and simplicity. Also, they neither get angry at others nor the power of lust overwhelms them.     

We do believe that you would draw several lessons from the above-cited Dohas of Sant Ravidas and would try to implement them in your day to day life. 

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