Sakat Chauth Vrat Katha & Puja Muhurat

According to Hindu scriptures, Sakat Chauth celebrated in the month of Magha has a special significance. On this day, the mother, praying for the long life of her offspring, worships Lord Ganesha, and fasts throughout the day in an uninterrupted manner. This festival of Sakat Chauth is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, because according to Hindu beliefs, there was a great crisis on the life of Lord Ganesha on the day of Sakat. This year, Sakat Chauth is on Sunday, 31 January. It is believed that, on this day, a mother who observes Lord Ganesha and fasts with complete rituals, her children are always healthy. Lord Ganesha has special grace on them.

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Sakat Chauth Puja Muhurat

Sakat Chauth –  31 January, Day – Sunday (2021)

Time of Moonrise – 8 : 41 AM

Puja Vidhi

  • Take a bath early in the morning and wear red clothes.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha.
  • During the time of worship, do not forget to offer your reverence to the idol of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Fast for the day without consuming water.
  • Offer Arghya to the moon at night, worship Ganesha and then break the fast with fruits.
  • If possible, eat only sweet dishes in fruit, do not consume rock salt.
  • Chanting Ganesh Mantra on this day while worshipping is said to be very fruitful. It is also very auspicious to offer 21 Durva to Lord Ganesha while chanting Ganesh Mantra.
  • Apart from this, Lord Ganesha loves Ladoos very much. On such an auspicious day, you can offer Bundi laddoo along with other parts in the worship of this day. Apart from Ladoos, it is considered auspicious to offer items made from sugarcane, sweet potato, jaggery, sesame, laddu and ghee made from jaggery.

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Sakat Chauth Puja Vidhi & Significance

All the fasts and festivals which are a part of the Hindu religion and culture have some sort of associations with a particular deity. Similarly, this fast of Sakat Chauth is considered to be related to Lord Ganesha. On this day, there is a tradition of worshipping Lord Ganesha. It is believed that Lord Ganesha showers blessings of happiness and prosperity to anyone who observes the fast of Sakat Chauth. Apart from this, this fast is considered to be the best with regards to long-term wishes of one’s children.

Not only this, if there is any obstacle, hindrance or problem related to studies in the life of your children, then this fast observed by the mothers eradicates the problem or discomfort of the child. The grace and blessings of Lord Ganesha remain showered on such children. On this day, mothers fast for their children and sesame, jaggery, sugarcane, etc. are offered to Lord Ganesha on this day’s enjoyment. 

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Sankat Chauth Vrat Katha

According to the legend, the biggest crisis was averted by Lord Ganesha on the day of Sakat Chauth, hence the name of this day is Sakat Chauth. According to this legend, one particular day Maa Parvati was going to take bath. Then she ordered his son Ganesh to guard her outside the door and said, ‘Do not allow anyone to come in unless I am done with the bath.’ Lord Ganesha also obeyed his mother’s command and stood outside as a guard.

At the same time Lord Shiva came to meet Mother Parvati. But Ganesha stopped Lord Shiva outside the door. Hearing this, Shiv Ji got angry and he struck Ganesha on his trunk and severed his neck from the torso. Here Parvati ji heard the sound coming from outside, she came running out, was extremely nervous to see the severed neck of son Ganesh, and started asking Shiva to bring back his son’s life. Shiva, obeying Goddess Parvati, donated the life of an elephant child to Ganesha and donated his life again, and from that day onwards, all the women started fasting on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi for the well being of their children.

Sankat Chauth Vrat Katha

Once upon a time, there used to be a potter in a city, but one day when he made a pot he realized that food couldn’t be prepared in that. The potter went to the king upset and told the whole thing. The king called the Raj Pandit of the state and asked him to suggest some remedies, then the Raj Pandit said that, if every child is sacrificed from every house in the village every day, then the movement will stop every day. The king ordered that one child be sacrificed every day from the whole city.

This went on for several days and then came the turn of an old lady’s house, but the only support of her old age was her only son who would be sacrificed soon. Upset and sad, the old lady gave some betel betel nut and coach and said, “Go son, Sakat Mata will protect you, and remember Sakat Mata herself and beg of her son’s well being. The next morning the potter saw that the pot was working fine and the child was also completely safe and then by the grace of Sakta Mata all the other children of the city who were sacrificed also got ressurected and according to mythological beliefs from the same day, Sakat Chauth and its celebration came into existence.

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