Sachin Pilot & Politics: What Future Holds For Him?

We have been witnessing the worst political circus ever in 2020. 2020 has been giving us many bad things till now, and the only good thing I can remember that is going to happen soon is the construction of Shri Ram Temple at Ayodhya. 

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Sachin Pilot is the son of Rajesh Pilot, who was a staunch Congressman. He believed in the dictum spread by the Congress. However, his son is going through a very bad time at this moment and people are largely mocking the Congress members.

Sachin Pilot in Indian Politics: An Astro-Analysis

A friend of mine asked what is going to happen with Sachin Pilot. What does the future holds for him and whether he will be able to become the CM of Rajasthan and gain his lost respect? Will he join BJP? When this whole controversy began, several young leaders expressed their grief and some tweeted also in favour of Sachin.

I will evaluate what horary chart says about him. I picked the number 235. Below is the horoscope:


The Dasha is of Saturn. The Antara is of Mars till 12-08-2021. Mars is in the first house and ruling the houses 2-9. It is in the sign of Jupiter, in the star of Mercury placed in the 4th house. Mercury rules 4-7 houses and is in the nakshatra of Rahu in the third house and in the sub of Ketu in 9th house, which is in the sub of the Sun. here, the Sun is in the 5th bhava and ruling the 6th house. Ketu is in conjunct with Jupiter, which is in the 10th house and also ruling the 10th cusp.

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The Mahadasha Lord Saturn is in the Nakshatra of the Sun and in its own sub. Saturn is ruling the 11-12th houses and we know that 12th house is the house of exile and loneliness apart from many other things. But Saturn is placed in the 11th house which is also ruled by him and is in own sub. Hence the signification of the 11th house is more. 

Jupiter, Saturn, Moon and Mars are the ruling planets. The Pratyantar Dasha of Mars in the Mars Antardasha will end somewhere around 26th July, after which the Pratyantar of Rahu will begin. Rahu is in conjunction with Mercury and aspected by Jupiter. Jupiter is placed in the 10th house. The 10th house is signified by Jupiter in connection with Ketu and Mars. Both are in the sign of Jupiter. Jupiter being the lord of the 10th is placed in the 10th house. 

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The Horary horoscope suggests that Sachin Pilot will be able to regain his position which he claims has been lost due to Ashok Gehlot, the current CM of Rajasthan. The ascendant is in Venus sub. Venus is in the star of Moon. Venus rules the 3-8 houses and is in the third house. It is in the star of Moon, the lord of the 5th house placed in the 5th bhava. 

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this evaluation indicates that he will switch to  BJP. He will be able to gain his confidence and position in the upcoming time. All this will happen in 2020 itself and by 7th August 2020, we may hear his shift to the BJP. If it doesn’t happen as per the above time, then there are chances of it happening by the end of September 2020.

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