Root Number 1: Know Negative-Positive Traits, Personality, & Remedies For Success!

Numerology is said to be the combination of numbers and the elements of astrology. That means in this astrology, by combining the numbers with astrological facts, information related to the past, future, and present of the person can be obtained. Like astrology, Numerology also holds a significant position.

In Numerology, we do a counting from 1 to 9. So, today in this special blog, we will discuss in detail Root Number 1. Moreover, we will get to know the basic traits, behavior, career, health, and some interesting facts of Root Number 1 natives. And we will tell you which remedies can help you to get happiness and prosperity in your life. 

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Root Number 1: Before moving ahead, it is important to understand who are the natives of Root Number 1? In layman’s language, those natives who are born on 1,10,19, or 28 of any month, have Root Number 1.

Personality/ Behavior 

Let us first discuss the behavior of the natives of Root Number 1. According to the astrologers, the natives of Root Number 1 are soft-spoken and easy-going, they have a great sense of thinking wisely, and they have a very sweet voice that makes everyone their admirers. Apart from this, they are not afraid of any difficulties. Also, these people are very much social.

After qualities, if we talk about the bad traits of Root Number 1’s personality then these natives usually take the wrong advantage of their powers, by which the chances of difficulties in their life increase. Apart from this, there is a lack of father’s happiness in the native’s life.

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The people of Root Number 1 are very determined. Whatever task you give to them, they complete it with great courage and dedication. If we talk about their career and shine, the people of Root Number 1 often choose the Army, Politics, Police, IAS-PCS Office, Doctor, Surgeon, or Dentist as their profession.


If we talk about the education of the natives Root Number 1, then they are very intelligent. Apart from this, they have a great memory. With this, the natives of Root Number 1 are very good at writing. If they wish to, they can get an education from a renowned college or institution. It is seen that these people are very good at research work. 

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Ruling Planet

The Ruling Planet of natives of the natives of Root Number 1 is the Sun. In such a situation, for happiness and prosperity in life, they are advised to worship the Surya Dev and offer Arghya to the rising Sun.

There Is Tremendous Compatibility With These People

If you have Root Number 1, then you should always make friends with people who are born on 01, 10, 19, or 28. The compatibility of the natives of Root Number 1 with the people born on the above dates is very great.

Some Facts-Importance And Meanings Of Natives Related To Root Number 1

If we talk about Root Number 1 then this number is considered to be the Sun’s number. With this, the importance of this number increases. Root Number 1 has a significant and impactful place in astrology. Apart from this, any work starts with the 1 number, so this number becomes more important. 

Being the number of the Sun, Root Number 1 has the supreme qualities of Brightness, leadership, politics, and administration. Apart from this, since Root Number 1 is directly affected by the Sun, the natives of Root Number 1 are directly affected by the Sun, and the natives of Root Number 2 get a lot of respect and fame in life.

Married Life

Before discussing Married life, first of all, let’s understand that for number 1, the numbers 1,2,3,5,8, and 9 are considered to be the perfect life partner.

Now, if we talk about their married life then the natives of Root Number 1 have very less hope for a love life. That means, if they get married then it is an arranged marriage, not the loved one. Although, once they enter married life, these natives become very honest and loyal, obedient partners. Due to this reason, the natives of Root Number 1 spend a happy married life.

Some Famous Natives Of Root Number 1

Dhirubhai Ambani , Mukesh AmbaniRatan Tata, Bill Gates, Kumar Viswas

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You Can Get Success From These Remedies

  • Wake up early in the morning and offer water to the Sun.
  • On the Sunday of Shulka Paksha, once you are done bathing, purify a copper ring with Ganga water and wear it on your ring finger. 
  • Apart from this try not to involve Blue, black, and any other dark color in your life.
  • Yellow color is auspicious for you, so do involve Yellow color in your life. 
  • Do not use any iron objects.
  • Keep the east direction of your house clean.
  • Place Surya Yantra in the East direction and worship it daily.
  • You must consume jaggery after meals.

Significance Of Numerology

Like Astrology, Numerology is considered to be very important. With the help of this special knowledge, the information related to the past, future, and present of any person can be gathered, Numerology. With the help of Numerology, the details such as qualities, demerits, behavior, specialties, and more are known. 

Through this special knowledge, information related to the present, past, and future of a person can be calculated. Whereas Numerology helps with the information about the qualities, demerits, behavior, and characteristics of a person is ascertained.

Not only this, with the help of Numerology, the match of future husband and wife can be accessed. Apart from this, nowadays, numerology is also used in Vastu Shastra. When we build a new house then there is huge importance given to the numbers. For example, to make you understand, people usually consult with a knowledgeable astrologer to make stairs, doors, and windows of a certain number in the house. 

Moreover, for success, there is a use of this knowledge. It is said that from Bollywood’s famous producer-director Karan Johar to TV’s Queen Ekta Kapoor, everyone has made their fortune with the help of Numerology.

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