Rohini Vrat : Know the Vrat Vidhi & Puja Rituals!

Rohini Vrat is a primary occasion for the followers of Jain religion and culture. This month, the fast is to be observed on Thursday, September 10. As per religious beliefs, there are 27 constellations (Nakshatras) and Rohini Nakshatra is one of them.This fast is observed every month.

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Complete List of Rohini Vrat(s) in the Upcoming Months 

September 10, 2020Beginning of Rohini Nakshatra:From 11:17AM (September 9, 2020)End of Rohini Nakshatra: 1:39 PM (September 10, 2020)
October 7, 2020Beginning of Rohini Nakshatra:From 5:55 AM (October 6, 2020)
End of Rohini Nakshatra: 8:36 AM (October 7, 2020)
November 3, 2020Beginning of Rohini Nakshatra:From 11:51PM (November 2, 2020)End of Rohini Nakshatra: 2:30 AM (November 4, 2020)
November 30, 2020 Rohini Nakshatra Will remain all through out night
December 28, 2020Beginning of Rohini Nakshatra:From 1:20 PM (December 27, 2020)End of Rohini Nakshatra: 3:40 PM (December 28, 2020)

Significance of Rohini Vrat

Women observe this fast for the long life of their husbands. It is said about this fast that Maa Rohini blesses those who observe this fast with happiness and prosperity and removes poverty, sorrow from their households. 

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During the Puja of Rohini Vrat, people pray to Maa Rohini seeking apology for all the mistakes committed by them knowingly and unknowingly and also ask her to remove all kinds of sorrows from their lives. This fast is observed without having food. People of Jain community have a strong belief in it. It is said that after the rise of the Sun, when Rohini Nakshatra is in a strong position, the fast of Maa Rohini is observed on the very same day. This fast is observed after every twenty seven days. It means that this fast is observed twelve to thirteen times in a year.

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There is a ritual of worshipping Lord Vasupujya during the Rohini Vrat, which is observed twelve to thirteen times in a year. Those who observe this fast must remember that this fast has to be observed continuously for at least three, five, or seven years.  

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Legend Associated with Rohini Vrat

There lived a king named Vastupala in Hastinapur. The king had a friend whose name was Dhan Mitra. Dhan Mitra was blessed with a daughter but she used to smell awful. Once, Amrit Sen Muniraj decided to take a stroll around his kingdom.

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Then, Dhan Mitra told Muniraj about the bad ell of his daughter. Muniraj told him that King Bhupal ruled a kingdom near Girnar Parvat. He had a queen named Indumati. One day, when the king and the queen were going through the forest of the kingdom, then the king sighted Muniraj and asked the queen to arrange food for him. 

Then, the queen agreed with him but in anger, she offered a bitter Tumbika meal. Muniraj suffered a lot owing to this and died. When the king came to know about this, he banished his queen out of his kingdom in anger. Due to this sin, the queen developed leprosy all over her body. Then, she also passed away after suffering from multiple ailments and grief and secured a position for herself in hell. After a lot of suffering, she was born as an animal and then was born again as a girl child, but still had the bad odour. 

After hearing all, Dhan Mitra asked for a remedy to remove the curse of her daughter. Then Muniraj asked him to observe Rohini Vrat. He was asked to observe the fast duly and worship Maa Rohini every month on the day of Rohini Vrat. Devote time to worship without having any food and perform charity. Do the same for at least five years and five months. As per the suggestion of Muniraj, she did as advised and took birth in heaven as a goddess.  

End of Rohini Vrat

Rohini fast is observed for a fixed time. One who observes this fast has to decide how long this fast should be observed. This fast is observed for a fixed period of time and then, it ends. In order to complete this fast, this fast has to be observed for at least five years and five months. This fast has to end with serving food to the poor and Lord Vasupujya is also worshiped on the same day.

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