Rishi Panchami: Know the Puja Muhurat, Rituals, Katha and Why is it Important for Women!

Every year, the fast of Rishi Panchami is observed on the next day of Ganesh Chaturthi fast and the very second day of Hartalika Teej fast i.e. during Bhadrapada month’s Shukla Panchmi. This fast is extremely important for women. According to Hindu scriptures, it is said that married women who observe this fast are blessed with fruitful results of their choice.  

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Besides this, it is also believed that this fruitful fast emancipates from all sins. The fast of Rishi Panchami is also named as Bhai Panchami in some parts of India. There is a ritual of worshipping Sapta Rishi on this day. This year, the fast is going to be observed on August 23, Sunday.  

What are auspicious timings (Muhurat) for Rishi Panchami? 

Auspicious timings for Puja 

Beginning of Panchami Tithi : 19 hours 55 minutes August 22, 2020
End of Panchami Tithi:: 17 hours 05 minutes August 23, 2020

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You can fulfill your desires by performing Puja rituals on Rishi Panchami duly on this day. 

Recite these Mantras during Rishi Panchami Puja

 kaśyapotrirbharadvājo viśvāmitroya gautama:। jamadagnirvasiṣṭhaśca saptaite ṛṣaya: smṛtā:।। 

gṛhṇantvardhya mayā dattaṃ tuṣṭā bhavata me sadā।। 

 कश्यपोत्रिर्भरद्वाजो विश्वामित्रोय गौतम:। जमदग्निर्वसिष्ठश्च सप्तैते ऋषय: स्मृता:।। 

गृह्णन्त्वर्ध्य मया दत्तं तुष्टा भवत मे सदा।।

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Rituals of Rishi Panchami Puja 

  • There is a ritual of performing worship after taking a bath in the morning.
  • After cleaning the house, the idol of Maa Arundhati should be placed along with seven sages  (Sapta Rishi). 
  • Wear light yellow clothes on this day.
  • Before the worship, sprinkle Gangajal in the entire house and then light incense sticks.
  • Place a Kalash full of water before the idol of Sapta Rishi.
  • Offer yellow fruits, flowers and sweets to the Sapta Rishi (sages) by worshipping with incense sticks and lamps etc.

After this, render apology for any of your mistakes to sages and take resolution to help others. It is extremely important to recite or hear the Katha during the worship also. After this, perform Aarti and distribute Prasad among others. After the Puja rituals, seek the blessings of elderly people in your house.

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Importance of Rishi Panchami Fast (Vrat)

There is such a belief about this fast that if this fast is observed with true faith, dedication and devotion, then all the miseries of human life do end forever. Besides this, this fast is considered to be very fruitful and auspicious for unmarried women. On this day, the consumption of any grain is not allowed. Along with this, taking a dip in Ganga is also considered important on this day.

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Rishi Panchami Vrat Katha

During the ancient period, there lived an intellectual Brahmin named Uttanka in the country of Vidarbha. His wife, Sushila, was devoted to her husband. This Brahmin couple had a son and a daughter. The daughter became a widow after a short period of her marriage. Unhappy over this, the Brahmin couple went to the banks of the Ganga with their daughter and started living there in a hut.

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One day, when the Brahmin’s daughter was sleeping, her body got infected by insects. Seeing the condition of her daughter, her mother rushed to the Brahmin in shock and narrated the daughter’s condition and wanted to know the reason behind it. To find a solution to this problem, the Brahmin sat in Uttanka Samadhi and suddenly, came to know that the girl was his daughter even in his previous birth and she touched the utensil during menstruation.

Until now, she did not observe Sapta Rishi fast in this life. Because of these reasons, her body was infected with insects. In these circumstances, it was decided that she be asked to observe Sapta Rishi fast so that she will be blessed with all good fortunes in the next birth.

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Note: According to the scriptures, the woman is like Chandalini on the very first day during the period of mensuration, Brahmaghatini on the second day and Dhobin on the third day and she is considered to be purified after taking a bath on the fourth day.

According to the instructions of her father, the daughter observed a fast and worshiped Rishi Panchami with all rites and rituals. In a short time, she got free from all the sorrows owing to the influence of this fast and was blessed with all good fortunes in her next birth.

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The next festival of August month is Masik Durgashtami which is falling on August 26, 2020 i.e. Wednesday. Stay in touch with AstroSage to know about the significance of this day! 



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