Mercury Rises In Scorpio: 3 Zodiacs Can Expect Financial Gains!

Mercury Rises In Scorpio: Mercury is one the most impactful planets in the astrology world and thus Mercury rise in Scorpio will create an auspicious time for a few zodiacs. The month of November is going to be lucky for zodiacs due to the relevant movement of planets across the zodiacs. Planets rise & set across the sign and affect the lives of natives in different ways. This blog describes the top benefits availed by zodiacs because of Mercury rise in Scorpio in November month. 

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The planet is referred to as God’s messenger as per the Vedic astrology and rules over the Virgo & Gemini zodiacs. It enhances the overall speech or communication of the natives and it assists the control over the thinking procedure. The presence of a strong Mercury in the horoscope also ensures an attractive attitude of individuals and better control over speech. 

List of Lucky 3 Zodiac Due To Mercury Rise in Scorpio 


The Mercury rise in Scorpio sign will prove to be lucky for the Libra sign and expect career progression on expected lines. There will be chances of unexpected financial gains and also experience rise in overall wealth. The financial condition will improve and there will be happiness within the family. Your investments in the business will prove very profitable for the businessmen and it is the right opportunity to expand your business operation. The overall communication capabilities of individuals improve and get positive outcomes at the workplace. The Libra natives can save on expenses in the period and spend it efficiently at the correct places. 

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For the Cancer people, the Mercury rise in Scorpio is the best way to complete the unfinished activities efficiently. Your investments in the vehicle or property will yield you the best outcomes and there are chances of a rise in overall wealth. The relationship with the mother will be fruitful and it can deliver the right outcomes. Your coordination with the siblings will increase and there will be a rise in reputation in the surroundings. Get into the right deals with accurate investments and enjoy your time with loved ones. It is also the right time to work hard on specific sectors in the profession to get the desired outcomes. Your health will remain stable due to the rise of the Mercury planet. 


The Mercury rise in Scorpio will be the top opportunity for businessmen to make suitable investments across varied sectors. For Capricorn people, it is the right time to make appropriate savings to increase their overall wealth. The chances of earning money are prominent and the investments in the stock market will yield suitable results. Luck will favor the individuals and thus take chances with the earning opportunities. There will be chances of getting good news from your siblings and take part in successful plans. The natives will also get good profits from their ancestral properties. 

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Q1. Does Mercury in Scorpio provide good results?

Ans. The placement of Mercury in Scorpio can provide mixed results to the zodiacs and will be very auspicious for a few signs. 

Q2. In which zodiac sign does Mercury prove stronger?

Ans. Mercury in the Virgo zodiac provides stronger outcomes to different zodiacs. 

Q3. Who is the ruler of the Mercury planet?

Ans. Lord Vishnu is believed as the ruler of Mercury or said to be in full control of the planet.

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