Unique Connection Between Lord Shiva & Rudraksha: Know Rules & Precautions Before Wearing It!

The most favorite month of Lord Shiva, Sawan, is about to begin. And during this month, the devotees of Lord Shiva make efforts to attain the blessings of Mahadev.Among these, one of the main efforts is to wear his favorite thing, Rudraksha, to please him.

Although, if anyone wears the Rudraksha by the wrong procedure, on a wrong day, with the wrong method, then it can bring an adverse impact on the lives of people. So, in today’s special blog, we will explain to you the consequences if you wear or plan to wear a Rudraksha in Sawan month, along with the rules to follow to wear it and what all precautions you should take with the correct vidhi for the same.

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Also, we will tell you which Rudraksha will help you to get fruitful outcomes.

The Connection Between Lord Shiva & Rudraksha

First of all the question arises what is the connection between Lord Shiva and Rudraksha? According to religious beliefs, it is said that Lord Shiva resides in Rudraksha. And that is why it is considered that there is an unbreakable relationship between Rudraksha and Mahadev.

With this belief, from the religious point of view, the Rudraksha is considered very important. It is said that worshiping Rudraksha, chanting, and wearing it will help the person to attain so many virtues. Importantly, to worship Rudraksha in the pious month of Sawan and wearing it is considered to be auspicious.

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Important Things To Be Considered While Wearing Rudraksha In Sawan 

It is said that one should wear Rudraksha in the red-colored thread. Apart from this, if you want to wear Rudraksha in Sawan month then wearing it on Mondays or Shivratri of Sawan month is considered auspicious. Before wearing Rudraksha, place it near the Shivling and chant Shiva mantras and then wear it.

Importance of Rudraksha: Rudraksha is not only considered the favorite ornament of Lord Shiva but it is also believed that the house in which there is Rudraksha puja with all the rituals, that house remains free from diseases. Those who wear Rudraksha get a long life. And apart from wearing it, your inner soul remains calm and the mind remains tension-free. Problems related to heart or from the impact of the malefic planets, after wearing Rudraksha, the person gets positive results on these matters. With this, Rudraksha also increases the radiance and energy of the person and finishes all the committed sins.

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Correct Procedure/ Vidhi To Wear Rudraksha

If you are also planning to wear Rudraksha in the month of Sawan then you should know the correct procedure: 

  • Before wearing Rudraksha, it should be duly energized. 
  • For this, you have to bathe the Rudraksha in the mixture of Panchamrit and Gangajal.
  • After this, light up a Diya with pure desi ghee made up of cow’s milk and place it in the worship area of the house or in the Shiva temple. 
  • Take Ashwagandha or Sandalwood and then place the Rudraksha on a clear red cloth at the worship place.
  • After this, take a little Gangajal in your hand and make a resolution. (o Tridev, I( say your name and gotra) am inviting this Rudraksha to get the special grace of Lord Shiva and get the desired results, may it give me completeness in my works, and by saying so, leave the water on the ground) and then wear the Rudraksha.

You can also understand the correct procedure to wear a Rudraksha from the learned priests.

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Rules-To-Follow For Wearing Rudraksha

  • If you are about to wear a Rudraksha then keep in mind that it should be worn near the heart, on the neck, and in the hands.
  • If you are wearing it on the wrist, then Rudraksha should be of 12 beads, if wearing it on the neck then it should be of 26 brads and if you are wearing it near the heart then it is recommended to be of 108 Rudraksha beads.
  • Although, many people wish to wear only one Rudraksha, in such a case, make sure it is near your heart.
  • People who wear Rudraksha should not consume liquor and meat.
  • It is recommended to opt for satvik food and satvik lifespan for such people.
  • In such a case, to wear Rudraksha on the Shivratri, Mondays, and the Pradosh day of Sawan month is considered to be the most appropriate.
  • Here you should take care of the fact that, whatever Rudraskha you are wearing, it should not be broken or damaged and there should not be any insects in it. 

Do You Know? Teen Mukhi Rudraksha or Three-faced Rudraksha is considered to be the real form of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh which are the combined forms of Lord Shiva. So, if a person wears this Rudraksha in the month of Sawan, then he will see magical changes in his life. It is believed that those who wear Teen Mukhi Rudraksha in Sawan month will get the blessing of Tridevs and they start showering their blessings on the 3 Mukhi Rudraksha. Apart from this, the predominance of the fire element is seen in the 3 faced Rudraksha. So, those natives who wear it, have a pure mind and soul and these people get all their wishes fulfilled.

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…So That’s Why Rudraksha Is The Most Favorite Of Lord Shiva 

There are many beliefs related to Rudraksha such as when Lord Shiva and Mata Sati got separated then Lord Shiva couldn’t tolerate the separation from mother Sati and the tears flowed from his eyes. A tree then was formed from Lord Shiva’s tears. Because these tears came from the crying eyes that’s why the tree was named Rudraksha. It is said that by wearing Rudraksha, Lord Shiva remembers Sati Mata and that is why he loves Rudraksha so much.

Which Rudraksha Will Be Good For Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries: 3 Mukhi Rudraksha is auspicious for you.

Taurus: 6 Mukhi Rudraksha is auspicious for you. 

Gemini: 4 Mukhi Rudraksha will bring auspicious results.

Cancer: 2 Mukhi Rudraksha will be appropriate for you.

Leo: 12 Mukhi Rudraksha will bring good outcomes in your life.

Virgo: To get good results in different matters of your life, you are recommended to opt for 4 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Libra: For Health benefits and other benefits, wear 6 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Scorpio: To get success in every field of life you should wear 3 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Sagittarius: 5 Mukhi Rudraksha will be auspicious for you.

Capricorn: For your personal development, wear 7 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Aquarius: To get achievements of desired goals, wear 7 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Pisces:  By wearing 5 Mukhi Rudraksha you can attain the blessing of Mahadev and there will be positive changes in your life.

Significance Of Donating Rudraksha In The Last Days Of Sawan

Yes! With wearing Rudraksha there are merits attached to donating it such as the person will get happiness and prosperity in his life. It is believed that, by donating Rudraksha, wealth increases. Although, one should keep in mind that, donating it only after abhishek, reading and listening to the Shiva Purana story, and chanting it. This will increase its importance.

Apart from this, if you donate diyas or do Deepdan then it will also help to get fruitful outcomes. To do Deepdan in Shravana month with all the rituals makes Lord Shiva happy. 

Tree donation and plantation during the Sawan month are considered very auspicious. It is said that in the month of Shravana, if plants like Bilvapatra, Shami tree, Shivlingi, Amla, and more are planted or donated then the person gets happiness and prosperity in life.

Also, to please Mahadev, in the last days of Sawan, feed green grass to cows and feed the poor people.

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