Vastu Tips: Right Direction To Place Lord Hanuman’s Picture In Your House!

Pictures of Gods and Goddesses are seen to be extremely important and auspicious in Hinduism. But let us point out that there are some Vastu guidelines for photographs that people should be aware of. Today, we’re discussing the image of Lord Hanuman. There are several Vastu guidelines related to it that are crucial to know if there is a portrait of Hanuman ji in your home. The topic of today’s article is this. Which Vastu advice related to the image of Lord Hanuman is useful for you? We’ll let you know today through this article. Continue reading to learn more. 

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God And Goddess Pictures And Vastu Shastra

The house of worship and Vastu Shastra have a specific connection. Any form of Vastu defect in a person’s home will have a direct impact on that person’s life. However, if a Vastu defect is present in the place of worship, it will have an impact on the person’s luck. The houses of worship constructed in stores, industries, offices, etc. are also very significant. This is one area where even a single error could harm the person’s wealth.

Mangal (Mars), Shani (Saturn), and Pitra Dosh effects are reduced and any type of crisis is avoided in the home where Lord Hanuman’s portrait is displayed. Lord Hanuman’s picture can be hung in the home, but there are some special Vastu guidelines that must be followed. Lurd Hanuman’s picture can also be hung in the home because it is regarded as good luck. So allow us to provide you with further details.

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Vastu Tips To Place Lord Hanuman’s Picture In The House

Vastu claims that hanging a portrait of Lord Hanuman in your home would clear away all types of problems and hindrances. By hanging a portrait of Lord Hanuman, it is believed that all evil powers will be kept at bay. Check the Vastu for the type of Lord Hanuman image that should be displayed in the home.

  • It is believed that a picture of Lord Hanuman must be displayed in the house if Lord Hanuman is seen facing southward in it. It brings happiness and prosperity into the home and prevents evil energies from entering.
  • A portrait of Lord Hanuman should be placed facing north in our house and this photo is really fortunate. By hanging this image in the home natives can make Goddess Lakshmi happy.

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  • You can decorate your home with a picture of Panchmukhi Lord Hanuman. In addition to being helpful in getting rid of any barriers, it can also bring wealth into your life. You should hang this image over the front door in this situation.
  • Additionally, you might decorate your home with a picture of Lord Hanuman lifting the mountain. The people of the house gain power and courage from this picture in addition to increased confidence.
  • Additionally, you might hang a portrait of Lord Hanuman in white in your house. It can lead to success in life as well as success in the workplace.

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