Retrograde Mars In Taurus Is Forming Inauspicious Yoga After 47 Years! These Zodiacs Must Beware!

We will discuss information regarding the inauspicious Yoga formed by the transit of Retrograde Mars in Taurus with the help of this blog post from AstroSage. We’ll discover which of the zodiac signs would need to be careful during this period. First of all let’s discuss the significance of Mars Planet in Astrology.

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Significance Of Mars In Astrology

In astrology, Mars is regarded as the planet of passion and ferocity. This planet governs the body’s fire elements. Through Mars, every human gains the physical strength, endurance, commitment, and willpower necessary to finish any task. The people that are affected by this planet are fearless and brave. Land, engineering, and technology all benefit from this planet.

Because Mars is the god of war and provides courage to the native, its power in astrology can be comprehended. Mars is exhausted in Capricorn and has descended in the sign that opposes cancer. It is frequently viewed as an astronomical representation of a red-bodied god. Although Mars is typically unfavorable, Cancer and Leo people benefit from its presence. Mars transforms into Yogakaraka and bestows complete wealth and prosperity upon the native. Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars and it gives indirect aggression and  direct aggression to Scorpio and Aries respectively. Because of Mars’ significance in astrology, marriage issues could also arise.

Now let’s discuss the transit of retrograde Mars in Taurus.

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Retrograde Mars In Taurus And Formation Of Inauspicious Yoga

On November 13, Mars, the planet’s commander, made a retrograde transit into Taurus. Mars will stay here until March 12th, 2023. There are a number of reasons why this Mars transit is unique. Astrologers claim that Mars changing its zodiac sign and going retrograde is a rare occurrence. On December 14, 1975, Mars had previously made a similar movement. Mars has turned retrograde in Taurus once again after 47 years. Astrologers predict that individuals born under particular zodiac signs will need to exercise extra caution following this unusual movement of Mars.

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Retrograde Mars In Taurus: These Zodiac Signs Need To Be Cautious


The challenges faced by Aries people may worsen due to Mars’ retrograde motion when it is in Taurus. There could be a conflict with the family. On the financial front, there is the possibility of loss. When it comes to financial dealings and investments, extreme caution must be exercised. Even from the perspective of your career, this transit is deemed to be bad for you. To succeed, students will need to put in a lot of work. In a marriage, bitterness can develop.


The cost of living could rise under Mars’ retrograde in Taurus. There could be a difference of opinion with a younger brother or sister. Traveling could result in severe losses. If you are considering a significant investment at this time, put it off for the time being. You might find it difficult at this time to ignore even the most minor illness. Marriage itself might have its own unique challenges and there could be differences. Being arrogant could be harmful, so you must avoid this behaviour.

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For the natives of Libra, Retrograde Mars in Taurus could become challenging. To succeed, you must put in a lot of effort. You might also experience emotional tension. On the economic front, there might be a lot of ups and downs. Your interactions with individuals will be very different at this time, which could cause your relationships with office colleagues to deteriorate. You must be extremely cautious with your speech.


The behavior of children, and intimate relationships could all suffer as a result of Mars’ retrograde motion. The health of children could also be compromised. In a marriage, there could be sourness. There is a risk of relationship deterioration with close friends. Even while making investments, you must exercise extreme caution. The loaned funds could also lose value during this period. Bank balances could get low.

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