Retro Saturn Will Bring Prosperity To These Zodiacs Until November 2023!

Saturn or Shani Dev, the deity of justice, can either bring destruction or elevate one’s life with his blessings. If Saturn bestows his grace, one’s life can be transformed from rags to riches. A favorable placement of Shani in the birth chart can bring immense wealth, prosperity, high status, and honor. However, it is important to avoid engaging in activities that displease him, as he rewards individuals according to their actions. Currently, Saturn is retrograde in its own sign of Aquarius and will remain so until November 4th. This retrograde motion of Shani will have a significant impact on the lives of all zodiac signs, but it will bring great benefits for three particular signs.

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Saturn Retrograde: Lucky Zodiac Signs


The retrograde motion of Saturn will bring auspicious beginnings for individuals born under the Taurus sign. There will be significant gains in both employment and business endeavors. Long-awaited promotions in jobs will finally materialize, and a substantial increase in salary can be expected, resolving financial issues. The unemployed will find suitable employment, and those engaged in business ventures will experience profits. Your self-confidence will soar, and you may welcome new entrants into your life.

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Saturn’s retrograde motion will bring abundant favorable outcomes for Librans. There may be good news related to progeny, and overall happiness and comfort will increase. Enjoyment of vehicle-related pleasures is indicated, and the possibility of acquiring new properties or making real estate investments is favorable. You may indulge in expensive purchases for your home, and your love life will flourish. Unexpected financial gains are also possible.


The retrograde motion of Saturn can bring unexpected financial gains and enhance the financial situation of individuals born under the Capricorn sign. This will lead to a significant improvement in your economic status. Happiness and prosperity will increase in your life, and pending tasks and projects will be completed successfully. Professionals can expect promotions and increments in their careers. Your persuasive abilities will prove effective, and people will be influenced by you.

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The retrograde motion of Saturn during this period will have varying effects on other zodiac signs as well, but Taurus, Libra, and Capricorn will experience significant positive changes in their lives. It is important to remain patient and optimistic during this period, as the blessings of Shani can bring about profound transformations and pave the way for prosperity. Seek the guidance of an astrologer for personalized insights and remedies to make the most of this auspicious time.

Remember, hard work, determination, and righteous actions coupled with the blessings of Shani Dev can lead to remarkable success and a fulfilling life!!

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