Retro Mercury Transit In Sagittarius On Last Day Of 2022; Know Its Impact On Your Zodiac!

All of us are well aware that the movements of the planets and the stars play a huge role in our fate and life. However, you may not be aware of all the aspects of the planet Mercury. The Retro Mercury will be transiting into Sagittarius on the last day of this year, which is December 31st, 2022. Hence, this blog by AstroSage will discuss everything about the planet, its transit, and the lucky and unlucky impacts of this transit on different zodiac signs.

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From our bodies to different areas of life, the planet Mercury has a very significant influence on us. Even in Astrology, Mercury is considered to be a very important planet. This retrograde transit of Mercury in Sagittarius will not only have an impact on Sagittarius but also on each of the twelve zodiac signs, one way or another. So come with us on the ride to find out which zodiac signs will be lucky during this Retro Mercury Transit In Sagittarius and which ones need to be cautious! First, let us learn the importance of Mercury in Astrology.

Significance Of Retro Mercury Transit into Sagittarius

As per astrology, the planet Mercury is considered to be very auspicious and important due to its favorable effects on the people whose horoscope it resides in. Mercury rules a person’s communication skills, intelligence, and memory. Virgo is the exalted sign of Mercury, while Pisces is considered the debilitated sign. Apart from this, the planet Mercury is also the ruler or the lord of Gemini and Virgo.

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Time & Date Of Retro Mercury Transit In Sagittarius

Mercury will transit in Sagittarius sign in its retrograde state on December 31, 2022, Saturday, at 12.58 a.m. This transit will have an impact on each of the twelve zodiac signs, both favorable and unfavorable. So get ready to find out if your zodiac is in the list of the lucky ones, or the ones that need to be cautious during the Retro Mercury Transit in Sagittarius.

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These Zodiac Signs Will Be Lucky This Retro Mercury Transit in Sagittarius


The natives of Gemini are bound to receive favorable results and auspicious influence from the transit of Retrograde Mercury into Sagittarius, specifically if we talk about their workplace. You will see progress in your work and will get complete support from the people around you.

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This transit will also prove to be fruitful for Cancerians. With its effect, you will get many opportunities to move forward in your work. Apart from this, you will be successful in everything you will put your 100% focus in. Everything will be in your favor in professional life and you will grow as a person.

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There is a possibility of financial benefits for the natives of Libra during this transit, especially the people who own their business. You will be able to earn a good profit and may even have to travel somewhere in connection with your work. This journey will also prove fruitful for you.

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These Signs Need To Stay Cautious During The Retro Mercury Transit in Sagittarius


This period might prove to be a bit challenging for the natives of Taurus. There could be a lot of work pressure on you during this transit which might create an atmosphere full of ups and downs. Apart from this, there is also a possibility that you might not get the cooperation that you expect from your colleagues at your workplace.

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This transit of retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius might bring some problems for the folks of Leo. During this transit you might have to face problems at the workplace. Your business partners could also get less profit during this period. There is a possibility of lack of mutual coordination in the lives of married people.

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Scorpio natives may have to go through some stress during this period which could increase the disappointment you have been building inside yourself. Apart from this, those people who have their own business might have to face tough competition in the market. You need to stay cautious about your marital life as well.

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Remedies To Strengthen Mercury In Your Horoscope

It is obvious that all of us want to get blessings of the planets on us, but even if there are some planets that are weak in our horoscope, there are many remedies that can be performed to strengthen those planets’ influence. Let us learn the remedies to strengthen Mercury in your horoscope. 

  • Feed green fodder to the cow, it strengthens the planet Mercury in one’s horoscope.
  • Donate green colored clothes, small cardamom, whole Moong, green colored food items.
  • You can also wear Emerald to strengthen Mercury.
  • If you cannot wear Emerald, then wear Onyx. However, wear it only after consulting an astrologer.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu on Wednesday after getting up in the morning and taking a bath.

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